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The Light

There's a light
at the end of the tunnel,
but, I can't see it now.
You broke my heart so badly that
I'm surrounded by dark clouds.
I never thought you'd leave
me all alone again.
The tears are flowing like
rivers of water upon the sand.
My faith in humans is fading
into a depression of pain.
I am trying to swim to save myself
from your clutches.
Your arms felt so warm around me
and I trusted you once more.
But, there is someone else you want
and then you close the door.

I can't see the light now
as I am blinded by a useless love.
As I struggle to get free
of this endless nightmare dream.
When will you stop lying to me,
when will I have the strength
to stop this cherade.
I greet you with arms open wide,
when in reality I am
inviting in the pain.

I can't see the Light right now,
Pleaase God, help to light my way.
Please help me to wake up
one morning to see a
bright and sunny day.

© by Dorothy Fontaine
All copyrights reserved

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© by Madame Blue
All copyrights reserved