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Demons Are Real
Demons are real.
They come to rob and steal.
to steal your soul and
take you to hell,
Misery loves company they say.
and Satan wants to
capture you to play.
He with his crew were thrown down
from the heavenly realm.
They roam the Earth
between earth and hell.
They have tomented many
with lies and suicide.
They can appear in many forms;
with horns, with a black cloak
or just an angel to
fool the human race.
A demon can appear in the sky and
make you think he's the Virgin Mary.
Just to detour us from
the Savior of many.
For we are not to
bow down to anyone other
than the King of Kings
and the Prince of Peace
Not to anyone but
the One who died for our sins;
if we are to have a
heavenly home someday.
Demons are real, I say!
You may not believe that yet,
but who would want to
make a wager or a bet!
Would it be worth the torment?

by Dottie Fontaine
All Copyrights Reserved

© by Madame Blue
All copyrights reserved