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Tue Aug 5, 2003

Updated Clocked to 1.1. Added multipe ways to display the time remaining, settable in the new Preferences window. Added a few warnings when the user tries to enter invalid data. Removed a few useless menu items. Clocked is now covered by the BSD license. A copy of the license is included in the download.

Sat Jul 26, 2003

Updated MacThing to 0.4.5. A few cosmetic adjustments to the progress bars. When loading a new table, MacThing correctly resets the text block chosen. Selecting a GZ compressed ROM file now triggers an alert. MacThing no longer writes past the end of the text block.

A new program for OS X, Clocked will calculate how long a file will take to download. Usefull in conjunction with apps that don't tell you how much longer a download will take *cough*Safari*ahem*.

Tue Feb 4, 2003

Fixed a minor bug in MacThing where the window wasn't updated properly after choosing files. Also added progress bars during text extraction/insertation.

Tue Jun 4, 2002

Fixed a major bug in MacThing which would cause random crashes. Also changed to use MacOS X/Unix linebreaks instead of classic MacOS style.

Fri Nov 16, 2001

Fixed a minor bug in MacThing where the first table wasn't cleared from memory before the second table was loaded.

Mon Oct 8, 2001

Just starting out with two releases. First is a simple dice simulator called NoDice, usefull for playing RPGs or other dice based games when you have no dice handy.

MacThing is a little harder to understand. Basically, the idea is to be able to edit the text displayed in many SNES games. Right now, only Final Fantasy 3(US) is editable, but a few more should be ready for the next update.

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