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Wes Pas Mac is a group dedicated to learning and promoting computing on a Macintosh. We strive to help each other and share our knowledge and skills. Our policy is to respect the rights of software publishers and manufacturers and to discourage improper use of copyrighted material. Our group does not sell or endorse specific computer products.


Meetings take place at:

Embassy Hills Civic Center

9509 Palm Ave.

Port Richey, Fl 34668


Main Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month

Demos and presentations

7-9 PM


AM meeting: 2nd Wednesday of the month

Q & A

10:30- 12:30


Officers for the year 2001:

President: Roy Griffith

V. President: Bill Johnson

Secretary: Gil Hunt

Treasurer: Sam Caruso

Program Director: Vacant

Ambassador:Erma Tucker

Membership Director: Bill & Doris Lebell

Librarian: Bev Peterson and John Murray

Publicity Director: Mary Ann Harris


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Roy Griffith

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Wes Pas Mac Users Group is an independent user group and has not been authorized sponsored or otherwise approved by Apple Computer, Inc.