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July 15,2002

A string of good results has the team back in second place. A 3-1 win over El Paso, and a 4-0 win over Calgary gave them max points at home for the first time this year. The Calgary game also saw the return of Geordie Lyall to the fold after being off with injury. The go on a 2 game eastern swing to Toronto and Montreal, before returning home for a game with Cincinnatti next Wednesday.

June 27, 2002

Update on Jason Jordan. He has turned down the offer sheet from Major League Soccer and will be staying with the Whitecaps. Although he did not participate on the recent road trip due to his apparent imminent departure, he will be back with the team in time for the Friday home game against the Calgary Storm. The Whitecaps will be playing a home and home against Calgary this weekend, with the return leg in Alberta going on Monday July 1.

The Whitecaps will be playing Calgary for the first time. The Storm have been having their troubles this year and have only one win in their first 13 games. The Whitecaps will be looking for a few points this weekend, hopefully pushing them up to second place behind Seattle. Calgary has Lars Hirschfeld in goal, and Vancouver fans will remember him from last year when he came over on loan from Calgary. Hopefully Niall Thompson will be able to get a few more minutes. He's missed most of the year with injury, but got in som time on the recent road trip. If he is healthy, then a partnership with Jordan up front should be interesting.

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