This is my artwork.

My name is Becky Johnston, and please do not steal or copy my artwork, as I do not like that without my permission. So if you wish to, at least let me know so I can see what you do with it. Thanks.

Jay and I as Marvel-like elves

A Kat Girl.

"Lips that kiss the fingertips,
And blood that tastes too sweet"

Feel your breath

'Lemon Mirang Clouds'

Peaches And Cream
(same picture, coloured with photoshop. :P First one I've ever done!)

'Lay with You'

Chibi Jay and Me

'Strength in Tears'

Cart00n Couple

Jays character much younger

Cranky Tiger (stubble and all)


Anime Tinkerbell Rip Off

Fire Faery


Beautiful Nudity




Anime Head Profile