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RNC’s Guide to SVCD on Mac
35 to 45 minutes of DVD Quality Video on CD
Works for VCD & X(S)VCD too!

DISCLAIMER...There are many ways to achive the end results, but the methods discibed here WILL produce a standards compliant SVCD.
These processes work well on my configuration, with playback tested on several brands of stand alone DVD players.
There are many talented people working on new tools, this site will be updated as better and faster ways become available.

******* NOTICE ********
The MissingMediaBurner project is available for adoption. It is written in applescript with embedded binaries for the encode and burn engines. The project is compiled using Xcode. If interested in taking over the development of this software and continue to make it available as freeware, contact me at
******* NOTICE ********

Quick Look At These Freeware Applications
The complete solution for iMovie to ready to play DVD or VideoCD disk. One button operation, just press Start, choose the movie file, wait for the disk to pop out. Advanced options and stand-alone functions included for more control over encoding & burning.
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Closing the gap on Roxio Toast Disk burning software using cdrecord and cdrdao engines
Over 25 preset functions
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Create VCD or SVCD Slide Show Photo Disk
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Full control Menus for vcd and svcd
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Full set of tools for creation of vcd, svcd, & dvd
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Continuously updated Collection of more tools for encoding, ripping, ect.
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Start with mov (2 sec clip) Convert to mpeg2 A&V Multiplex together Author the XML