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Bastard Darts FAQs

Table of Contents

  1. What do you need to play?
  2. How do you play Bastard Darts?
  3. Who is the winner?


What do you need to play?

You will need players, darts, dartboard, scorecard, and BEER!

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How do you play Bastard Darts?

For starters, everyone must have a designated unique number on the dart board. Everyone must throw a dart and see what number is theirs. No one can have the same number. Once everyone has numbers, place everyone's name on the scorecard with their number. Plus, place ten marks behind or under each name. The object of this game is to get rid of the marks.

To get rid of the marks, you must throw your dart into your number. If you throw it in the double area, take off two. Triple, three. Plus, you take a drink for each mark you get rid off.

Here is the interesting part. If your dart goes into another player's number, you add marks to their score. Double, add two. Triple, add three. Plus, they would have to consume one for you hitting their number and then consume for how many points are added. For example, a double is three drinks to the opponent.

If you do not hit any allocated numbers or the dart falls off the board, you drink.

If you hit the outer bulls eye, you can make someone take a drink.

If you hit the inner bulls eye, you can make some one drink twice.

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Who is the winner?

The person who gets rid of all their marks is the winner. The last person with marks must drink his marks worth consecutively. For example, if you have 8 marks left, you must chug 8 straight sips.

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