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AAA Math

AIMS Puzzle Corner Grades 4-8 - AIMS Education Foundation - Puzzles are highly motivational tools that capture the imaginations of students. To infiltrate the classroom with a vibrant brand of problem solving, this site offers a tantalizing educational bait-and-hook in the form of a new puzzle each month. Clearly illustrates puzzles and solutions.


Brain Teasers


The Changemaker Game - Grades 1-5 - This interactive game challenges students to come up with the correct change from purchases in two categories: amounts less than $1 or amounts less than $100. The game provides feedback and reinforcement to encourage the hesitant.


Classroom Compass - Southwest Consortium for the Improvement of Mathematics and Science Teaching- Grades 5-8. This site is an on-line version of Classroom Compass, a quarterly publication. Instructional activities are linked to TIMSS and include excerpts from the National Science Education Standards and the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics. A good site for teachers looking for interactive science or math ideas to illustrate abstract concepts. A great source for daily problem solving questions.


Developing Geometry Concepts - Grades 2-4 - NCTM's Illuminations collection offers this simple game - get the turtle home to his pond - for elementary students. You'll need to try it yourself first, because the directions are minimal. Once students understand the navigation, they can experiment with lots of different solutions.

Egyptian Mathematics - This British site introduces students to the ancient Egyptians' surprisingly simple yet sophisticated mathematics system. It's a colorful, well-illustrated introduction to another system of counting and numerical notation. Useful resource for students who are ready for an "out of the box" look at numerical concepts.

Figure This! - Grades 4-12 - This new but promising site from NCTM offers guidance and "math anxiety" advice for students and parents. The site includes sample problems which students can try, along with convenient explanations showing teachers and parents how the problems apply to real-life situations. This one's worth a look.

First Grade Backpack - Arithmetic - Grade 1-2 - Here's a selection of simple math sites compiled expressly for primary students. They provide quick access to a group of games, puzzles, and other math resources for first or second grade. Some can be used by students directly; others may require some help from the teacher. This site also contains geography and reading sections.

A Fractals Unit for Elementary and Middle School Students - Grades 4-8 - Cynthia Lanius, Rice University Math Teacher - This site contains lesson plans centered around Internet researching. It can be used for cross-curricular work in Math, Art, Writing, and History. Fractals use Arithmetic and Geometry also. There are print versions of lesson plans available for classroom use. Very colorful and well designed. User friendly and has seven different awards for math and academic excellence.

K-4 Math Resources includes sites that follow the California Math Framework for Grades K-4. The site contains a list of grade appropriate math links. Included are sites with activities and lesson plans.


Kids Consumer Corner - Grade 3-6 - Social studies/math - Teach basic consumer skills of saving and buying wisely by having students investigate this student-made site, then have students test themselves with the crossword included in the site. A good springboard for a mini-unit on economics where you create your own businesses. Thinkquest junior winner: third place winner, interdisciplinary, 1998.


Kids Web - Math from Syracuse University - Grades 4-12 offers a wide range of sites involving General Math, Chaos Theory, Geometry, and Puzzles. Great resource for a math Web-based scavenger hunt.

Life by the Numbers - Grades 6-12 - This web site, from the PBS series of the same name, includes extensive program synopses, as well as lesson plans for each program segment. Many lesson plans include worksheets in Adobe Acrobat format that you can download and print. (You'll need the Adobe Acrobat plug-in for the worksheets. It's available on the TeachersFirst Toolbox page.)

Math Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason - Grades 6-12 include problems, curriculum guides, and links on various algebraic topics. The information is listed in chapter format from the author's book; text heavy.

Math Celebration Fair - Grades 5-8 - TeachersFirst's own game fest! Students create math games, then develop an "advertising campaign" to promote their creation. Combines math and language arts skills in an end-of-term celebration!

Mathemagic Activities Grades 4-8 - Cyberspace Middle School - The Mathemagic tricks described here are all based on simple mathematics and not on magic; though to those who do not understand the mathematics they may seem magical. Since these tricks are based on mathematics, they are relatively easy to do and pretty close to foolproof. They do require that you practice them a few times before you perform them.

MathMagic on the Web! - K-12 - Alan A. Hodson of El Paso Texas - This site - part of Swarthmore's extensive math resources - provides strong motivation for students to use computer technology while increasing problem-solving strategies and communications skills. MathMagic posts challenges in each of four categories (k-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12) to trigger each registered team to pair up with another team and engage in a problem-solving dialog. When an agreement has been reached, one solution is posted for every pair. You need to use the Internet with this site. This site is easy to use and looks like it has many different resources.

Mathmania - Schoolnet (Canada) - Grades 6-8 - Though temporarily under construction as they update the site, they expect to be up and running soon. The site is usable to some degree now. It helps young mathematicians explore and research math topics. It also strengthens math skills. It includes lesson plans and activities to help review basic concepts and skills, glossary, and tutorials.

Mathematics on the Internet from Cal State Hayward - Grades 6-12 lists a huge number of math-related Internet sites. Some sites with a new twist, ranging from knot problems and geometry sites to unsolved mathematics problems. A great resource for unusual math problems and class discussions!
Math and Science Gateway - from the Cornell Theory Center  - Grades 4-12 includes links on a range of topics, from "General Math " to "Geometry" and "Fractals." Subjects suitable to elementary grades can be found under "General Topics." Topics include sites with activities, e-zines, and other background information.
MegaMath from the Los Alamos National Laboratory is intended for use by both students and teachers grades 6-12. Topics range from graphing games to knot theory. Preparation materials are included, as well as online activities for students. The emphasis here is on making math fun.


Montessori Math Album - Grades PreK-3. This site offers activities and instructions on "Numeration" using rods and "Golden Beads." Some of the menu items are password protected. Very useful for Montessori teachers and parents who require instruction in Montessori methods.
Online Math Applications - Grade 3-8 - Math/Interdisciplinary - Find math applications in music, history, travel, science, and investing with this outstanding student-made site. Participants can complete online activities and quizzes with immediate feedback. This site really puts math in the real world. Thinkquest Junior Winner: first place, math/science, 1998.
Orbifold Pinball - Grades 6-12 is a game in which you roll a ball on a curved playing field. The game board is like ordinary pinball in that it features `bumpers' off which the ball can bounce. Click on "About Orbifold Pinball" to learn the math behind this game.
PBS Mathline - Grades 4-12 - This web site is a companion to the PBS Mathline project, but many of its resources work just fine on their own. There is a regular series of problems based on "real life" themes, showing both how math problems are formulated, and how the answers can help in the real world. Graphically attractive, with content that either students or teachers could use.
PlaneMath is a site about math and aeronautics - Grades 4-6. Click on " PlaneMath Activities" to find both hands-on and computer activities requiring the Shockwave plug-in. Each lesson contains detailed outcomes and instructions for teachers.
Student Activities from Swarthmore's Math Forum - Collections of problems and activities from Swarthmore's extensive mathematics collections. Go to the activities section for a complete overview, or select specific problems of the week below.
Elementary Problem of the Week
21st Century Problem Solving - K-12 - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics & Suremath Publishing Inc. - Teachers will gain the advantage of a logical, consistent approach to problem solving that applies across the curriculum and at all grade levels. The problem solving methods shown in these pages rely on meaningful use of mathematics that actively engage the student, individually or in groups, directly in the problem solving process. This produces not only reliable problem solving skills but also a genuine appreciation of mathematics. This site helps students discover problem solving – using a step by step process - as an enriching experience. The math problems are separated by type of math, and what equipment you may need (such as a graphing calculator).
Untangling the Mathematics of KnotsGrades 4-8Megamathematics - This site provides a variety of activities for exploring knots made from pieces of rope. Students can make and verify observations about knots, classify them, combine them, and find ways to determine if two knots are alike. The activities outlined here can be combined to form a single lesson about mathematical knots, or a larger investigative unit that extends over a longer period of time. The sequence in which the activities are listed is roughly in order of increasing difficulty and challenge. The site contains a vocabulary section, an activities section, and an evaluation section.

Worksheet Generator - Math Teachers - Here's a first: a Java-based web page which automatically generates a math worksheet based on the criteria selected by the teacher. Print it out, and you've got a ready problem set for your students. Users can select a variety of operational and numerical conditions to match grade level and content Seems best suited for computation exercises with algebra students, but it probably has other uses as well.

Tales from the Electronic Frontier - K-12 - This teachers' resource is a collection of experiences and examples dealing with the teaching of math. The tales focus on projects which make math meaningful in specific situations, and the site provides additional links to problem sets and other resources. Good reading for math teachers at any level.

Word Problems For Kids - Grade 5 to 12 - St. Francis Xavier University & Canada’s School Net -This Web Site contains word problems for students and teachers. The problems are classified into grade levels from Grade 5 to Grade 12. This is not a test, but a set of carefully selected problems which can help you improve your problem solving skills. It works if you try to carefully think about how you would solve each problem, and once you have found the solution, you make sure that you understand all parts of the solution. You can try any problem you like and if the problem is a little difficult you can get helpful hints by following the hints link. Complete solutions are available to teachers with e-mail addresses upon request. The problems are separated by grade.
Online Games by Pimpernel

Web Yachtzee by Michael Jones

Master Web by Brian Casey

Web Battleship by Steve Belczyk

Spiral Generator by David E. Joyce

Strawberry Macaw's Puzzle Page by Mike Naylor

Draw a Trochoid and Hear the Mandelbrot Set at Implicate Beauty

Number Puzzles by Ken Egan

Jewels in the Sand by Stanley Anderson

Learn2 Play Go at

Fermat's Last Theorem Poetry by Jeremy Teitelbaum

Go Directly to JAIL! by Andrew Pinzler

Let's Make a Deal by Francois Bergeron, David Little and Mike Mastropietro

Factor Grid Game by Hugh Chou

Ellipse Game by John Banks

Brain Teasers at Houghton Mifflin Education Place Mathematics Center

Math Challenge at Moanalua Intermediate School

Mathematics for Fun at

Knot a Braid of Links at CAMEL Canadian Mathematical Community

Clever Games for Clever People by Nancy Casey

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles by Alexander Bogomolny

Exercise Your Brain by Guy le Kindler

Mr. J's Real Math Home Page by Jack Julian

Mathematical Games, Toys and Puzzles by Jeff Erikson

Unsolved Mathematical Problems by Steven Finch

The 007 News The Wreckreational Math Newsletter at University of Toronto

Matho- Bingo - Addition (1-3)

Addition, Subtraction and Multiplaction Problems (1-3)

Money Flashcards (1-3)

Hidden Picture-Addition (1-3)

Stanley Park Chase- multiplication game (3)

Matho- Bingo - Addition (1-3)

Concentration Addition-(1-3)

Hidden Picture-Subtraction(1-3)

Concentration-Subtraction (1-3)

Concentration- Multiplication (2-6)









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