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Krom's Macintosh SmutiZangband Page

Featured Humor in this game

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Special Thanks goes out to Scot Meyer and Kleitman (Discband Author)who helped me change this mod to a working one. There are several versions of the game. The first, SmutiZangband looks normal but isn't (based off of Zangband 2.6.0). SmutiZangband is basically a complex single player dungeon simulation. A player creates a character, choosing from a variety of sexes, races and classes, and then "runs" that character over a period of days, weeks, even months. The player will begin his adventure on the town level where he may acquire supplies, weapons, armor, and magical devices by bartering with various shop owners. Then the player can descend into the Pits of SmutiZangband, where he will explore the many levels of the dungeon, gaining experience by killing fierce creatures, collecting powerful objects and valuable treasure, and returning to town occasionally to barter for new supplies. Eventually, as the player grows more experienced, he may attempt to win the game by defeating Morgoth ( new name is ELVIS), the Lord of Darkness, who resides far below the surface. Note that SmutiZangband is a very complex game, and it may be difficult to grasp everything at first, especially if you have never played a "roguelike" game before. You should probably browse through all of the "game's help files", especially this one, before beginning any serious adventuring... The second version is the one Scot worked on. It's an awesome version! His version works with 16x16 graphics and ascii art at the same time (snapshot of the AsciiZangband located in nav bar) (based off of Zangband 2.4.0). All versions of the Games Rock!, says SmutiZangband Magazine! Siskel & Ebert give it 2 thumbs up! As mentioned above, every single monster has something to say. I am a monster in the game (monster name is: JSK). Special Monster Guest Star: Krom the God of Steel!! Last but not least, I have a third version which is the "vanilla town" based off of Angband 2.8.3...the games only known bugs are: the outside town and dungeon walls are invisible, which is a cool effect. If you have problems with any download please contact my email below. Don't forget to leave a comment in the guest book below. I accept all forms of criticism.
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