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The Jacksonville City Colony(Mac Murray City Colony) of IOTA PHI THETA FRATERNITY, INC was founded by Dionte Jelks, Edward Carter and Earnest Wallace. These men were members and founders of a social organization known as Omega Phi Omega. The intentions of these men were to become a national organization in the near future. Under the vision and consistency of Earnest Wallace and colleagues; History was made. These three dedicated Brothers traveled the paved gulided road, from Jacksonville to Champaign, Illinois in search of enlightenment. There were many sacrifices and 1,000's of miles driven to seek knowledge from the "Arrogant Alpha Lambda. On December. 2, 2000. Charles Lee Williams and Drew Harris felt it was time for some brothers to cross the burning sands into IOTAland.So the candles were lit and raised to the sky at 9:57 pm that day and Captain Legendary, Deuce Disciple and Tre Anchor Imperial were born into IOTAland. We are forever thankful to "Brothers of Arrogance".

"Founding Line" Spring 2001 I.S. Association Albert Vasser (Captain Trailblazer) Metacaum Evans (Deuce Ambitious) Latrell Hite (Tre Anchor Tenacious).

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