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Our Horses to Sponsor



TJ is a Thoroghbred

He is our youth project horse and is being ridden by Brittany

who has been with our program from the beginning.

I got him because he has a good mind and is very gentle with no vices.

He is even calm on trail.

I am training him with the help of

my youth outreach program and volunteers. In July 2004 he has torn a major muscle. He is now in rehabililation and is progressing slowly.

The learning never stops.

Charlie Adopted

was born in 1990 and is an energetic Thoroughbred who has shown dressage and hunters. The vets didn't think he would ever go sound but with seven acuscope treatments in July 2002 he has been sound ever since.

Liberus now known as Levi Adopted Rescued from San Diego on June 11, 2008. This horse was going to be euthanized on the following Monday if no one took him. He is a 18 hand Oldenburg grand prix jumper with a three year old suspensory tear. We brought him to our facility sight unseen only to save him. We didn't know what to expect but we were very pleased when we saw him. He has the sweetest personality but needed a lot of weight and muscle built up. He could barely walk the perimeter of our arena. After six weeks of rehab he is now trotting laps and cantering. So far there is no sign of lameness. We already have someone who is interested in adopting him. I wish all of our horses were this easy to adopt.

Don Juan ADOPTEDwas born in 1987 and is an Arabian Gelding. When he came to us he had been standing in his stall for over a year. We worked with him and built up his muscles and he is ready to be adopted. He is very sweet and very fast. He was used for endurance racing and has really good blood lines. Would make a great gymkanna or trail horse. He is only 14 hands so he needs a light rider who likes to go fast.

Ebony born in 1987 is a saddlebred mare with a very bad fetlock injury. By the time we got her it had developed into a bone infection that at one point we were able to drain it but he had come back. We have tried shock wave therapy with no success. We then treated her with acuscope and myopulse therapy and we were able to keep the inflammation down. Although she still had a hitch in her step she was able to run and play. She lived for another six years until she passed of old age. Jokers Cookie was born in 1988 and is a chestnut appendix Quarter horse, 16 hands and was a hunter. He has OCD in his stifle. We treated him with the acuscope and after one treatment he was relaxing his leg and would put all his weight on it. We are also using msm coolant gel by Vita Flex which has really helped to reduce the inflammation. Jokers Cookie has been bounced around from home to home so we are going to make him as comfortable as we can. He is doing so well now that the 4-H club riding him in all levels. He went on to do barrel racing and pole bending. The acuscope therapy really helped him to keep his lead changes that he couldn't do before. He has been with us for eight years now and is 24 and doing great teaching lessons.

MOXY 14.2 hand quarter horse mare born in 1999. My neighbor purchased her in November 2005 and has decided that they can't keep her anymore. She was untrained at the time of his purchase and is now doing very well under saddle. Horses for Love has purchased her and is now using her for lessons. She has turned out to be just wonderful. I have a 2 1/2 year old student that rides her and they just love each other. We have decided to keep her because she does so well with the kids and she is sooo calm. We have her leased out part time and she is getting lots of attention.

HERCULES ADOPTED A 15.2 hand mustang draft horse born in 1978 has been rescued by Horses for Love. This horse was left unattended and had a very nasty cut on his hock. We medicated him (not to his liking) and he healed very nicely. We were uncertain about him in the beginning because it did not seem that he was ever properly trained. With lots of patience and reputition he is now enjoying a happy life but need an owner. He loves trail and is very fast. You have to be confident with this horse he does not like heavy hands and will buck. He was given to a rancher and loved his life out on the range.


Buster Buster was born in 1978 and past away on December 8, 2008. He was a Dutch Warmblood

who is seen here with my other son Chris who is 4.

He was a grand prix dressage horse aka Rosenthal who made it to the olympic trials. He developed ringbone due to his underslung heels.

We had tried the cortozone injections with him but it did not

seem to work after awhile. We then proceeded with acuscope therapy and he went completely sound after eight treatments. Buster would continue acuscope treatments once a month for a year then every six months he would get one treatment. He was our gentle giant that gave everyone confidence in their riding skill. Buster went on to live another ten years sound and showed in flat classes in western. He loved bananas. He will be in all of our hearts forever.


Midnight passed away January 30 2002.

We will miss him very much. Midnight was born in 1962 and is seen with Devin, my son who was six years old.

Devin has devoted alot of his time cleaning Midnights stall and feeding him.

Midnight was undernourished when we got him and as it

turned out he was in a pasture and wasn't able to eat hay very well. Tigger Adoptedan Irish Thoroughbred who was born in 1991. He is very energetic and needs an experienced rider . He loves to jump and is pretty level headed. He is 16 hands, all black with no markings.


Rambo Appaloosa/Quarter Horse gelding born in 1990 came to us in April 2003 after a suspensory injury. He also has navicular disease in his front left foot. Through acuscope and myopulse therapy this horse is jumping at the age of 23.

North Shore adopted We found a wonderful home for North Shore who is also a 20 year old thoroughbred who was a hunter jumper. He came to us because he was tripping badly and was lame. He has ringbone and arthritis and had months of bad shoeing. Our shoer, Matt Love has squared his front toes which eliminated the tripping problem. North Shore is completely sound and would make a great pleasure horse. He loves kids and is very gentle.

Lance ADOPTEDwas born in 1990. He is a bay appendix Quarter Horse, 16.2 hands and was used as a jumper. He survived the dreaded EPM protozoa and is now struggling with spiral cell tumors that he has had for many years. We put him on SOD made from Dynamite for 10 days and he is on Dynamites ester C and excel. After 3 months the largest tumor has reduced its size by 50%. He was treated with the acuscope for his nerve damage and went back to jumping after three months. He is the only horse I ever trusted jumping. He loved it so much. He was soon adopted out and used for trail and cross country.

Roo Has been adopted again by the Bogen-Juhola family. She is seen here with her previous family the Goss's

Belle Adopted a dutch warmblood mare born in 1995 has come to us with several major issues. She has baffled many who have tried to figure out what is going on with her. We had Lydia Hibbie, an animal psychic come out and do a reading on her. She said that her left hip pops out of socket. We have found a large fibrous area on her bicep femoris muscle on her left side. She has been responding to the acuscope and myopulse fairly well and is rideable now.

Shooter ADOPTED A gelding born in 1997, part warmblood and quarter horse. Good news, Shooter is sound and doing great under saddle. Ligament splitting surgery, acuscope therapy and 3 chiropractic adjustments have made the difference in this horse. He is now being half leased out by one of our volunteers Dee. Although we were not able to get any sponsorship money for his surgery we were able to make ends meet by providing more lessons and selling sweat shirts with our horse pictures on them.

Willie My first horse. Willie was quarterhorse appaloosa cross from the go man go line. After 15 years of riding he developed moon blindness as some appaloosas do and injured himself in the pasture with barb wire cuts. I used the acuscope to do the elctrical stitching and I could not believe how fast the cuts healed. He later passed away in August 2004 from moon blindness and cushings disease. He was 27 years old and was the best teacher I ever had. He will always be in my heart.