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So you want more Swarm 2000 pics eh?
Well hold on to your hat 'cos here comes the ultimate collection...

The following shots were all taken by official Swarm photographer Keith Sheriff.
He was using a Nikon digital camera with an incredible amount of resolution.
Unfortunately, due to sheer size, number and load time I've had to reduce the quality so you can see them without waiting too long.
All the pics you see still exist as high resolution files and Keith is offering quality prints for a small fee.
So if you see an image you'd like a print of, make a note of the file number and contact him direct.

Keith is also available for photo shoots if you should need to use his services.
You can contact Keith Sheriff at:
Or by calling: 0973 504522

Just one last thing... please remember that all the photos in the gallery are property of Keith and the Nest.
Please don't go ripping 'em off without asking first. Ta.

You've probably noticed the white background - this is just for this gallery since I've been using a web gallery feature in Photoshop 5.5
and haven't yet worked out how to change the colours on all the pages!
For best results view the gallery using the latest internet browsers. Explorer 5 or Netscape 4 at least.

Anyway, Keith took over 280 shots on the day using the Nikon - I've edited those shots down to a core 154!
So be patient, and most of all, ENJOY!...


since 29th Sept 2000

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