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I am now making updates again. The last house I made was at the beginning of the year but I'm back and making houses again. I'm still looking for architects to build for me. I have a new e-mail so if you e-mailed me recently I wouldn't have gotten it. The e-mail links are right now. Thanks for your patience!
Welcome to A Home of Your Dreams. I'm Alex and this is my one person site so far. If you would like to work building houses for me, E-mail me I carry, or will carry, since I am new and under construction many homes from the luxurious mansions to the starter homes for your sim bachelor. In time I may also add some theme homes. First click on the lot that you want. Then click on a house to downoad. Most houses will be furnished, and may require you to download a few objects to get the most out of the house. If this is the case, then you can download the objects needed indicated by the pic of the house. You don't have to, but I recommend it.

If you have problems, e mail me (see link above.) If you would like to submit a home, see the submitting page. (below.)

Lot 1 ||| Lot 2 ||| Lot 3 ||| Lot 4 ||| Lot 5 ||| Lot 6 ||| Lot 7 ||| Lot 8 ||| Lot 9 ||| Lot 10 ||| Submit a house ||| Forum ||| Links

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