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he stepped out of the car. masses of prepubescent
girls, screaming their lungs in two. screaming his
ears in two. he pasted on a fake smile before
utter disgust crept deep into his features. his
nose wanted to turn up, his lips ached to curl
up tight. they were everywhere. and they
had no idea no one wanted to hear them screeching
away the last of their hearing.

"why in god's name am i here again?" he
groaned. "what have i done to deserve this?"

he couldn't see an end to the scattering of
kids. "walk and quit whining. i've about had

"my ultimate question," apolo asked ignoring his
father and looking around in shock, "is where are
their parents. some of these kids are barely
old enough to walk across the street
alone. again, why am i here?"

yuki sighed. "go find out where you're supposed to

"good thing i can cross the street alone. otherwise,
i'd be another one of these abandoned,
helpless, annoying little
children," he mumbled. "and then no one would
like me."

something tugged at his arm. a little girl whose head
barely met his hip looked up at him with
bright green eyes. her blond hair poked out of a
ponytail in thin little strands. she was missing
one of her bottom teeth.

"are you 'polo?" she grinned.

no more than four years old.

"that's me."

"wanna cheerio?" she grabbed a snack baggy out of her
pocket and pulled him out a cheerio.

"thanks. that was scrumptious."

"it's the breakfast of champions!" she said and put
her hands on her hips.

screaming mother. scooping of child. he shook his

"those darn kids, i swear. running around loose like
the hoodlums they are." back to the matters at
hand. "why am i here again?"