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"There is no fear (overwhelming self-concern) in LOVE; but perfect (mature) LOVE casteth out fear: (overwhelming self-concern) because fear (overwhelming self-concern) hath torment. He that feareth (is overcome with self-concern) is not made perfect (mature) in LOVE." - I John 4:18

Once there was a man who was completely selfish. He'd believed in Jesus Christ through most of his childhood but, at the age of twelve, when his father died, he turned away from God and went in the way of hard-hearted selfishness. Years later, when his self-indulgence brought him to ruin, after stubbornly refusing to acknowledge Him for most of his life, like "The Prodigal Son" turning his heart again to his Father who still loved him, he tearfully cried out to the Lord: "What's wrong with me"

The answer came, quickly and clearly, in three audible statements:

"The only thing wrong with you is that you're not letting any LOVE in, nor are you letting any LOVE out!"

"LOVE is the best you can do and the best you can be!"


I know this happened because I am that man

I've been given a message for the Body of Christ which I first recorded as a book entitled "God's Love Among Us ('Strong Meat')", in 1995. The second chapter of this book, called "Foundation: Milk to Meat", is what I propose to be THE foundational, or first teaching of Christianity for the Body. I encourage all Christians to read, study, think on, reprint and share this teaching with all new/young Christians for it contains what all Christians should be taught about God's Word, but most are not. (it can be found, in two parts, on the 'Message' links below)

God Bless you richly in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ and may His love always abound in you!

Our Ministry:

To Serve Jesus Christ As The Head Of The Body

To Make Known The Great Mystery (Sacred Secret)

To Help Bring All Christians To Full Maturity In Christ


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