Wildest Wish

Our next dressage star, Wildest Wish, was born on 3/13/05 in the evening. He is out of Wish From Zookie (Zookie's Girl X Walldorf) and by Wild Card. Wild Card is half brother to Weyden, the '96 Olympic Individual Bronze Medal horse. Zookie's Girl was a TB mare who was approved Hanoverian at the age of 21. We expect him to be a big guy and an extravagant mover.

Not even 24 hours old!

With a loving mom. She is a maiden mare and an orphan so she had no mother to learn from but she did great and in is going to be a wonderful mom. She is also so good with us handling him. He had a hoof hung up at birth and she was great with our friends at Special Care, allowing Judy to reach a little ways in and release the foot. After that it was smooth sailing! He's a big, strong, friendly colt with a great desire to nurse.