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the bastard book

the suffering bastard is the king of all coctails. i first became aware of it years ago at our local island watering hole, the kahiki, where they used to ask, "how many can you drink?". indeed. it's sorta the polynesian long island-it's not a girly drink, nor does it need a special glass (though it feels right at home in a skull or tiki mug). above all, it's not for the faint-hearted. it will not be taking names. when i looked up the recipe, i found that there is no one right way to make a bastard. so try one, try 'em all, and then try to stand up. i've forgotten where i found all these, but i'll get some 'credit where credit's due' up here as soon as i can. some sources are rather obvious. also i've made most of the recipes in 'parts', rather than pick an american or european standard. that way you can make them as big as you want. i encourage you to use the finest quality ingredients you can find and afford. the bastard is by no means haughty-taughty, but nobody deserves the bottom shelf. nobody. i'll get some links to rum distributors and the like up soon as well. by all means experiment; be sure to send me the results. i got a bottle of key west lime juice & i'll be posting my findings forthwith. cheers!

suffering bastard recipes:

links to drinks:

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