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The best of all means of travel


     Which means of travel would you prefer for short distances: train, bus, taxi or else?
     Write an article about your favourite means of travel giving enough strong reasons.
     Good Luck.

            When it comes to short distance travels, cars, busses and trains are of prior importance for the majority of people. Instinctively, people have tendency to pick up the fastest, the most economical and the most comfortable means of transport.

            No doubt these are the most highly recommended merits because travellers prefer to get to their destination on time, relaxed, and with the minimum of expenses. However wiser people would rather give priority to other unintentionally overlooked qualities like safety, pleasure and friendliness to environment. In this respect, no two would disagree that the donkey, as a means of travel, fits perfectly well. It is far more comfortable than busses, more secure than driving, much more pleasant than the train travel and, above all, the friendliest to environment of them all. It is even the most economical, the most reliable and the most enjoyable of all.

            I bet most of you would wonder if I'm really serious about this -somewhat- awkward choice. Let's clear this up from the beginning. Have you ever heard of a donkey-crash?! Or of a donkey accident?! Or even of donkey parking troubles?! Has anyone ever used expressions such as "I missed the donkey", "My donkey didn't start this morning", "How much does a donkey Puncture Repair cost?", "I am getting my donkey repaired", and "donkeys will go on strike for a week"?

            With the exception of the mule or maybe the horse, if there is any distinctiveness, the donkey is the only vehicle, so to speak, which has no need for gas or oil or maintenance. For any sort of journey, it only needs water and some hay or grass (which is abundant on road sides). It doesn't break down, and it doesn't require spare parts. It is the safest means of transportation ever, especially if it is a veteran donkey.

            The donkey remains the most suitable means for such errands although it is described -in almost all cultures- as idiot and stupid. The donkey is not required to do maths or to compose symphonies; all that it has to do is to make the trip safe, pleasurable, comfortable and almost at no cost. The donkey is undoubtedly the most perfect for that. It is known for its keen sense of responsibility.

            Bedsides, the donkey is friendly to the environment. It doesn't emit CO2 or trigger any chemicals which would endanger our Eco-system because, including its large saddle and the big straw bags, it is a hundred percent natural pack. The donkey back riding is an exciting experience for those who are not used to it. It is an all-sides-open vehicle so that riders (passengers) can enjoy the sightseeing, the calm, the peacefulness and the splendour of nature all around them.

            In addition to that, the donkey does not need a wheel or a gear. What you have to do is just ride comfortably while it leads you to your destination by itself, particularly if it has made the trajectory before. It is equipped with a highly sensitive natural G.P.S. receiver. It is also equipped with integrated radar to warn you of any unexpected danger coming from hidden lurking predators like wolves or snakes. Needless to say that the donkey doesn't need a horn, its musical braying is loud enough to clear the area yards ahead and to “scare the crap out of” all beings in the vicinity.

            What about speed? Can you name a single means of travel faster than the donkey? I don't think you can. Most mechanical vehicles have punctures, but the donkey doesn't. When there is a traffic jam - which is very frequent nowadays- the donkey can find its way even in mountainous roads and through the moors and the woods. The donkey can use short cuts, but the other vehicles can’t. Thanks to the donkey, you can reach your destination ahead of the fastest of all cars. They need paved roads which are mostly winding, but despite all circumstances the donkey’s route is straight. When the road is blocked, the donkey has always got a plan B.

            Taking all these highly recommended qualities into account, do you still believe that cars, busses or trains are safer, more economical and faster than the donkey? Next time you decide to go on a journey, please consider using the master of short distance safari par excellence, notably the donkey, you won't be disappointed, I assure you. The trip will just be … thrilling.


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