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Common Core Arts | The Present Progressive Tense | November 2013

Reading Test

        Hello! My cousin Hind is a rich single Moroccan engineer aged 24. She lives with her parents in a large villa in Rabat. This is one of her family picnic videos. Look at her grandma! She is waving and smiling at the camera. Her father is over there playing badminton with her brother, Hassan while Jawad is riding his new bicycle. The kids are playing hide-and-seek: Aya is hiding, and Reda is looking for her. The dog is happy. It is jumping and barking. I like this video because it is very funny.



         A. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY       [3 pts]
  1. Hind is married.  
  2. She has got four siblings.  
  3. The writer hates the video.  

         B. Answer these questions       [5 pts]

  1. How old is Hind?

  2. What nationality is she?

  3. Where is she from?

  4. Why is the dog jumping and barking?

  5. Why do you think Hind is not in the video?

         C. What do the underlined words in the text refer to?       [2 pts]

  1. "she" (line 2)   
  2. "his" (line 3)   
  3. "her" (line 4)   
  4. "It" (line 5)   

         D. Find in the text the opposites of the following:       [1 pt]

  1. poor   
  2. old   

         E. Complete the following sentences       [4 pts]

         What are they doing?

  1. Grandma   
  2. Hassan   
  3. Jawad   
  4. Aya and Reda   


       Introduce yourself in a short paragraph.       [5 pts]