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Globalization or the theory of Might is Right

By: Mubarak Abdessalami


            Globalization is a new game which is drawing a completely new scheme for modern societies. It is working on turning societies into a sort of jungles where "Might is Right". Weak economies will be engrossed by gigantic ones. This is not only true for companies and firms or factories but it is also true for countries or unions of countries. Globalization is purely economic but it will soon grasp the level of scheming the governments' policies. The States and Europe are playing the game to try it for workability. Globalization is menacing weak and inconsistent economies. It always reminds them of ruin and complete devastation. The countries must have robust economies founded on proficiency and integrity so as to survive. The same thing can be said about the different sectors boosting the countries' economies. Futile and spontaneous projects are becoming a story from the past. Corruption will quickly be worthless as a means to recommend or loosely launch a product into the market because everything will be tested and the customers will control the means of production no matter what advertising is able to do to conceive and create potential clients.

Private Sector Vs Public

            Globalization is increasingly seen round. It is drawing the scheme patiently but progressively. Now, our societies are methodically being dragged to play the game unconsciously because things are being loosely introduced. We start playing it unaware of its fatal consequences. Variety will heavily hit many sectors and threaten them dangerously if they just don't wake up to face the ramifications of this unprecedented economic system: Health, Education and Employment to name only a few. Many doctors will soon be jobless and many teachers will follow. Many businesses will suffer a lot. Employment will be selective according to the demands of the labor market and competence of the employees themselves. Skill and craft will be tested so as the labor force improves dynamically or die into the ordered chaos of globalization. However if any of these have been watchful, ready, flexible and hardworking it is likely to delay the catastrophe a little.

            It is no longer a matter of Diploma. It is wholly a matter of perfection and savoir faire. In the prevailing private sector where competition is fierce, competence is the only measurement of success or at least survival. To illustrate this, People never go to a doctor just because he or she has a diploma or a doctorate degree from an outstanding university, but because the doctor can easily spot the disease and prescribe the appropriate medicine without excess. Once the patient is satisfied she or he will surely conduct a free propaganda for the doctor. This propaganda is not based on the fact that the doctor had his diploma from this or that eminent college, (this will just be a subordinate) but rather because he or she was nice, helpful and most importantly competent. Competence therefore precedes the origin of the diploma or anything else. Society has its own rules that are often unreasonable.

            The future is being directed and perilously pulled towards the private sector. The government will just be a referee, not even a partner. Also perhaps the private sector will gradually dictate the sort of policy the governments should adopt according of course to the world society's exigent requirements. Bluntly speaking, proficiency, perfection, and patience will prove a practitioner -in any given field of private sector- valid or invalid. The market has its own logic.


            Bankruptcy will be a ubiquitous nightmare for everybody. It will haunt all the private sector without exception. Nevertheless, bankruptcy will be due to many intermingled apparent and �unseen� factors such as incompetence, dishonesty and customers� moods. The leading of all factors will be the services that a given sector can offer in all circumstances. So, you need to be competent, honest, flexible and practical so as to go hand in hand with the much demanding and fast growing and developing markets. Stagnation and the lack of imagination and suppleness will certainly drive any project �no matter how much flourishing it was at a certain lapse of time- into bankruptcy.

            This is generally true for all sorts of livelihood. Similarly, several careers are perpetually targets to severe tremors. They should either permanently renew themselves or are dreadfully extinguished. Unlike the past serene occupations, the jobs under globalization are mere gigs that suffer alteration very so often to the extent that a person can practice as many as four jobs during a lifetime. All depends on how one approaches the new era�s principles and dispositions. Some jobs expire even before they are put on the rails while some others should always be revitalized otherwise they are immediately outdated and worn-out by the ever speeding progress. Under globalization tenet, bankruptcy is given the authority to dominate and rule over everything including people's private lives and welfare. It is the silent manoeuvring spectre which attacks at any time without previous warning. Everybody must be watchful as nothing is certain or predictable with globalization.


            Education is not an exception at all. Schools are also the target of privatization. They will engage into a ferocious competition based on how far a school could go and on how robust its curriculum could afford material and knowledge susceptible to meet the labor market needs. Teachers in this context have a lot to own otherwise they will be crashed under the pressure of competition. Private schools are established essentially on the basis of profit. If you -as a teacher- are not able to provide the means to this profit, you are immediately replaced and thus the situation will lead to selection based on the power of knowledge and pedagogy not on relations or bribery. Hence, might is right. If you can give something new and valid you are welcome, or else you are rejected as anything worthless. Effective and profit generating education will survive. The world won't side with the weak or the shakily acquired influence. It is not productivity which people will look for but rather the quality of that productivity that counts most. In a word, unless the teachers can participate in the creation and construction of a good proficient educational system, bankruptcy is just at the next corner.

Private Schools Vs Public

            Public schools will be equivalent to redundancy, sterility and idleness. The governments in the four corners of the planet are looking each in its own way to shatter the public schools so as to ameliorate education and propel it towards efficiency and progress. The public schools will soon close down because they are made up of non-lasting programs and fragile foundations. The governments are aware of that and try to encourage this hollow system to drift towards bankruptcy so as to get rid of it. Public education is harmful to their budgets. They no longer recruit new teachers to work in public schools. The word "public" for governments becomes a nightmare and for people it becomes a waste of time. From now on, nobody will trust anything public at all. Neither the governments nor the society are keen on investing in public sector because it is dying because of the epidemic of globalization. Public sector is not motivating at all and it breeds unemployment and boosts stagnation. The governments are encouraging private schools and the parents are enrolling their children in private schools for real investment. That is because private schools are simply active, lively, motivated and modern. Parents also feel culpability if they insist on letting their children down suffering from the barren education that public sector offers.

            Competition will be the real measurement of validity and proficiency. Public schools are not motivated so they adopt a snail learning approach whereas the private schools are motivated by the survival severe conditions because they are threatened by bankruptcy once they cannot be proficient in comparison with their rivals in the field. You can just take two students of the same school level but one from a private school and the other from a public school and make the difference. The flexibility and competition of the private school pays off. On the other hand the teachers in private schools are motivated by a good pay and by the fact that they may be fired. The private schools are motivated to get as many "clients" as possible. Teachers become the basis on which a school will succeed or fail, thus selection among teachers will be the only way to guarantee success and push away the nightmare of bankruptcy. The dying public sector is heavily burdened by crowded classrooms, weak pay for the teachers and the barrenness of syllabi.

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