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Text Analysis for beginners


1. Read Carefully

         I love wearing boots, but my mother thinks that shoes are nicer than boots. My sister prefers wearing slippers. To my mind, slippers are worse than both shoes and boots. As for my brother, sandals are the nicest, the lightest and the most comfortable for feet. My grandfather, on the other hand, hates wearing sandals. He thinks that the Belgha* are friendly to the feet. For him, they are the cheapest but the best. I guess the Belgha are as good as sandals, but Iím always fond of wearing boots.
*Belgha: (babouche) a traditional Moroccan footwear


2. Answer these questions

  1. How many people are there in the text?    
  2. Who are they?    
  3. What are their preferable footwear?

3. Complete the chart (1)

Subject pronounsPossessive adjectivesObject pronouns

4. Complete the chart (2)

Find in the text expressions of ...

Likes Dislikes Preference Opinion

5. Complete the chart (3)

Extract from the text ...

Adjectives Comparatives Superlatives

6. Answer these Questions

  1. Who likes boots?

  2. What is the mother's opinion?

  3. Who prefers slippers?

  4. Why is the brother mad about sandals?

  5. Who prefers the Belgha and why?

7. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? Justify

  1. The mother likes shoes.     

  2. The writer loves slippers.     

  3. For the writer shoes are better than slippers.     

  4. The grandfather prefers sandals.     

  5. The grandfather thinks the sandals are good.     

8. What do these words refer to in the text?

  1. "He" (line4)    
  2. "him" (line 5)    
  3. "they" (line 5)    

9. Find in the text the opposite of these words

1. nasty   3. unfriendly   5. better   7. heavy  
2. love   4. expensive   6. the worst   8. bad  

10. Discussion

What is your favourite footwear and why?

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