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(/-)/     By the time clause     \(-\)

N.B: To do this quiz, you should have checked the following page
                                By the time clause,
                                                                          Good Luck.

Rewrite the verbs between brackets in the correct tense

1. By the time you finish this quiz, you (discover) the secret.       CHECK

2. By the time the movie ended, the kids (fall) asleep.     CHECK

3. She (lose) her mind by the time her son calls her.       CHECK

4. I'm afraid the meals (not/be) read by the time the guests arrive.       CHECK

5. By the time she got dressed, the ceremony (finish) .       CHECK

6. By the time we arrived at the cinema, the movie (start) already.       CHECK

7. By the time you wake up, your coffee (be) ready.       CHECK

8. She (read) three books by the time you finish that chapter.       CHECK

9. By the time I decided to get married, all the beautiful girls (vanish) .       CHECK

10. I am sure the kids (eat) all the food by the time we wash our hands.       CHECK

11. By the time they realize that the roof was leaking, it (stop) raining.       CHECK

12. By the time they reached the hospital, the injured man (die) .       CHECK

13. By the time they read the note, their son (leave) .       CHECK

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