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Beautifying Ugly Acts

     By: Mubarak Abdessalami

Watch your conduct, you are only flesh.

        Never come close to those who try to beautify their ugly acts by justifying misconduct. How can you trust them? How could you be sure they are sincere? They are mostly crooks. They make you believe in false concepts by swearing they are pure and clean. What is naturally beautiful never needs cosmetics. What we normally try to beautify are the ugly or, at least, the non-beautiful faces or the acts we "commit". As for acts, only mischievous ones need cosmetics to trick people into believing in their new look as natural. This could be applied for all the facets of life; but could anyone count them?!

        The best masks are ugly and horrible. The idea of putting a mask on is in itself acting up. It hides a pronounced misconduct and shows how the mask wearer is keen on concealing his or her real identity and his or her hideous face or act. They would call it a philosophy but it is "seal a scruffy" intention so as people won't blame the fact that they are made so gentle that a trifle of a being like that felon can screw them (as the Americans style it).

        I have never been convinced that a wrong can one day turn right unless it is imposed on people by a sort of status-quo. Since things are generally relative, relativity is relative itself. Today's wrongs are wrongs forever. The pan here is only on behavior. Other wrongs such as theories could one day prove true if the present era cannot digest them fittingly. This, however, can in no way justify the fact that it is always practical to wait through beautifying them by saying that they need time to be digested.

        There are two terms which I don't actually admit notably demagogy and polemics. I guess you don't either and nobody normally does. However, some of those who apparently despise them find it permissible to practice them. I am not one, I wish you aren't either. You wouldn't accept them unless you practised them in day to day life and you take them for a style of subsistence. Demagogy and Polemics are worse than each other because they don't but widen the gap between the person and himself let alone his relationship with his immediate environment. The funny thing about these demagogues and polemics professionals is that they go up against any suggestion not because the suggestion is out of point but just because they like to reject the others' ideas for the sake of being different. They could even turn down suggestions they proposed themselves.

        There is always a way to speak out your discontentment but you have to be steady in your attitude, able to defend your position with solid arguments otherwise you'll be singled out and seen as one. You know what I mean! So be careful and attentive. Chew your words before you can move to the next step. Once your words come out of your mouth nothing in the world could undo the action. It is tough, but it is like that. You cannot beautify an ugly act no matter how brilliant your artistry can be. Don't just be too demanding vis-à-vis your self-confidence. Adventure has limits because the human being is so weak that a tiny helpless insect can keep him awake all night long. So be human and watch your humanity.

        Several demagogues battered the lingo when they tried very so often to iron it. They usually ended up at a climax where from no ongoing was possible but also no withdrawal was doable. The experience taught them that straightforwardness is the awareness of being unable to do many things while some astonishing deeds could be performed, yet they never learned anything. They did the same mistakes again and over again to eventually find out that they were mere flesh and that they had to take heed of their conducts.

Remember: ~ The end of human beings will be worse than mere extinction ~