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1ère Bac. Sc.| Jan. 2016

Language Test

  1. Fill in the blank with the right article

    an / a / the

    1. She offered me book. book was interesting.
    2. They usually watch TV for hour before bed-time.

  2. Choose the right answer
    1. (When / While) I last saw her, her hair was long.
    2. Hajja Rabha is 80 years old (and / but) she has a good memory.

  3. Fill in the blanks with:


    1. Yesterday, Ben had a siesta he had had lunch.
    2. I used to kiss my motherís head I go to school.

  4. Put in the negative
    1. The kid studies engineering.
    2. The grandparents are learning English.
    3. Leila went to Marrakech last week.
    4. It was raining all day yesterday.
    5. My grandma has got an iPhone.
    6. Imad used to be good at Maths.

  5. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form
    1. Last night, I (sleep) very early because I was sick.
    2. We (not/be) at the cinema yesterday.
    3. Where (you / use) to spend your holidays? - In Ifran.
    4. Last night, I (revise) my lessons when my father called me.

  6. What do you mean?
    1. We used to eat chips.
    2. He used to wash the dishes.

  7. Match the letters with the numbers
    1. For me, learning English is fun. a. asking for opinion 1.
    2. I'm not good at English, what should I do? b. asking for advice2.
    3. You ought to practice your English regularly. c. giving advice3.
    4. What do you think about cheating on tests? d. giving opinion4.

  8. Complete in your own words
    1. I didn't love couscous, but my siblings
    2. I like coffee, but my sister
    3. For breakfast, I usually have


     H O M E