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MydNyte Ruins

Greetings and welcome...
these pages are of things I have for sell [or that I am willing to trade] as well as a page for the items I am looking for. All Crypt pages recently revamped and most all items are new! Items that have PENDING listed at the end of them are a pending sell or trade. Also recently revamped is my "wish list" page. The new photos will be posted soon.

Please feel free to look around and any questions or anything please email me. Check back often as the lists change. The crypts have changed again... they are more catagorized.

If you wish to post my banner on your site feel free and also send me a link to your site. Thanks.

I no longer "support" GothAuctions nor GothicAuctions due to their illegal activites. When I had joined them in Sept 2002 I had my auctions tampered with, my life threatened, got ripped off on things I bought & sold, etc... by various members as well as the staff on both sites. I was told by the owners that since the sites are not US based there wasn't anything anyone could do ... at that time, sadly, it was true but not any more. I did file reports against them with authorities. I do not recommend those sites to anyone. It is just not worth it.

All pages within MydNyte's Web [Manor, Samhain, Gallery, Ruins, Shoppe & all other pages therein] - as well as the names - are created & owned by Raven LizzBet (c) 1995-2010.

crypt one ~ bits & bobs * jewelry * bath & body * candles & incenses
crypt two ~ cds & dvds
crypt three ~ clothes
MydNyte's Shoppe
MydNyte Manor