Apple Brown Betty & Apple Butter

3 lbs. Cooking apples
10 slices of bread, cubed (about 4 cups)
1/2 tsp. Cinnamon
1/4 tsp. Nutmeg
1/8 tsp. Salt
3/4 c. Brown sugar
1/2 c. Butter or margarine, melted

Wash apples, peel, core, cut into eighths; place in bottom on crock. Combine bread cubes, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, sugar, butter; toss together. Place on top of apples in crock.
Place crock into outer shell.
Cook on low setting 2 to 4 hours.

Makes 6 to 8 servings.

This can be made in a slow cooker/Crock Pot or oven at 325 degrees for 3-4 hours.

4 qts. Unsweetened applesauce
7 C. Granulated sugar
1-1/3 C. Brown sugar
5-1/3 T. Cider vinegar
5-1/3 T. Lemon juice
2 teaspoon. Cinnamon
2 teaspoon. Allspice
1 teaspoon. Ground cloves

Combine all ingredients in a slow cooker/Crock Pot or roasting pan.
Cover and cook 3 hours, stirring occasionally.
Remove lid and continue cooking until excess liquid cooks away (turn to low as necessary) Slow Cooker 5-8 hours,
Oven 3-5 hours
Seal mixture in hot jars and process in a hot water bath for 10 minutes.

Makes approximately 8-10 pints