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Written by 'Maester Luwin'.


Every so often, I get a nice bit of fan mail asking if I'm still alive, and if I'm ever going to update this FAQ. The kind words are appreciated. The answer is, yes, I'm still alive, but no, an update to the FAQ seems unlikely at this point (it was last updated circa 2003). The site was created at a different time in my life, when I had a lot more free time and energy to devote to it. Since then, both myself and the world of ASoIaF fandom have moved on from this humble Angelfire page. Assuming Angelfire doesn't pull the plug, this will continue to stand as a museum of pre-A Feast for Crows theories, but don't expect any other updates to occur in the near future. I may be back when A Dream of Spring is published in 2020 to gloat about calling Jon Snow's parentage 15 years before the reveal.

Welcome to the site for Frequently Asked Questions for George R.R. Martin's wonderful series A Song of Ice and Fire. The purpose of this site is to lay out and analyze quotes from the series, and infer from them the answer to several mysteries that are presented. The purpose is not to present all theories pertaining to the books. Only theories will considerable evidence in the form of quotes will be discussed here.

Readers should be warned that the articles and questions below CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT FINISHED THE BOOKS! It is highly advisable that you read the series up to the current volume, A Storm of Swords, before reading the questions below. Most contain evidence that will only spoil and surprise your enjoyment of the series.

As a quick note, all quotes from A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings are from the American paperback edition. All quotes from A Storm of Swords are from the American hardback edition. I am trying to get my hands on other versions of the novels, as to compare the page numbers, but this will take time. New readers also might want to check out a quick list of acronyms to avoid confusion. All quotes listed with an 'SSM' after them mean they are a quote from George R.R. Martin, taken from the 'So Spake Martin' collection at

The following is a list of questions that an average reader would have in their head after finishing the three currently published books. Some of the questions have definite answers, others are up in the air.


•Who are Jon Snow’s parents?

•What is Summerhall? What happened there?

•Is baby Aegon still alive?

•What do Hoster Tully's last words mean?

•Was Dunk really knighted?

•Robert's Rebellion--A Timeline
By Trade Surplus

•Who Killed Joffrey Baratheon?

•How did Balon Greyjoy die? Was he murdered?

•Who Killed Jon Arryn?

•Who Killed Robb Stark?

•Were the Westerlings in on the Red Wedding? (forthcoming)


•Who were the two men Arya saw conspiring underneath the Red Keep? What are they plotting?

•Who is Jaqen H'ghar? Is he Syrio Forel?

•Who is the imposter Arya Stark? Is she Jeyne Poole?

•Who Is Coldhands?

•Who is the Knight of the Laughing Tree? (forthcoming)

•Who is Azor Ahai reborn? Is he the same person as the Prince Who Was Promised?


•What do the various prophecies mean?

•What's the deal with Cat's appearance at the end of A Storm of Swords?

•What was the Doom of Valyria?(forthcoming)

•What do we know about Faceless Men?(forthcoming)


•Are Loras and Renly gay?

•What does valar morghulis mean? What about valar dohaeris?


•What is A Feast for Crows?. What about "Arms of the Kraken? "The Hedge Knight?"

•What's all this about a five year gap?

All quotes from A Game of Thrones copyright 1996, George R.R. Martin. All quotes from A Clash of Kings copyright 1999, George R.R. Martin. All quotes from A Storm of Swords copyright 2000, George R.R. Martin. All quotes from 'The Hedge Knight' copyright 1998, George R.R. Martin. All characters and locations from the series A Song of Ice and Fire are the sole trademark of George R.R. Martin.

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This A Ring of Ice and Fire site is owned by Chris Holden.
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