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WELCOME!!!! Hope you like the site! Feel free to look around!


May 1, 2005
Added a new code to the Affiliates page which is the SWAS (Starts With A Spin) fanlisting. It is dedicated to maxine's story : Starts With A Spin. It is a slash pairing (Harry/Draco) and if you are interesting in reading it go : here.

March 28, 2005
Added some more names to the Blond or Brunette page.

March 1, 2005
Added some more names to the Ginny or Hermione page.

January 7, 2005
Still haven't put up the Lucius site but I'm adding the finishing touches so it'll be up soon.

December 7, 2004
Eventhough I haven't written it here I just want you to know that I have updated the site. Unfortunatly the Lucius section is still no up but I'm working on it. My story has also been updated (with three more chapters) and I have taken a new interest in "Pirates Of The Caribbean" slash (Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are so hot!!). Anyways even if it is a little late I just want to wish all of you a Happy New Year!!

October 10,2004
I added some new articles that I really think you should go check out. They're really interesting. I also changed the Tom Pictures Section and I think it looks much better now! Well g2g. I hope you enjoy the site!!!

April 6,2004
I know I haven't updated in awhile and I am so sorry!! It's just that school keeps me busy and I don't have as much time to do things as before!! Anyways I added a new affiliate and I think you should go check it out. It really is a great site!!!

November 18,2003
Hey everyone!!! I am so sorry that I haven't updated in so long! It's just that school started and it's keeping me really busy! I have too much to do (my story and update the site!) but I will try harder to get the lucius section done. I added a new affiliate and the site is great so go check it out!!!!

August 21,2003
My layout's back to normal (YAY!!!) since Angelfire took off that add! If you see any errors please let me know.

August 20,2003
PLEASE READ: There's something wrong with Angelfire and it's messing up my layout so please bare with me until I figure out what to do.

August 17, 2003
I'm still working on the Lucius part of the site but I'm going to try to get it done as soon as possible. I also added a new chapter to the story. Youc an access it at: Dark Angels Can't Be Saved.  

August 15, 2003
I have added a new page to the Media section called:
I would like all of you to visit it. I also added some new Affiliates.

August 12,2003
I added a new page in the Tom section. If you don't want to look for it on the Tom page, then just Click Here.


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