DeMontfort Public Broadcasting Presents: We're Richter, Too!

We at DeMontfort Public Broadcasting were initially stymied when the creator of this show brought these people to us. We had never heard of these people before and neither had anyone else. But out of the kindness of our hearts (and a hole in our schedule at 2:00 AM) we gave them a show of their very own. Mostly to stop that chinchilla from bugging us anymore. Why don't you meet the cast? You know you want to. They'd get a real kick out of it.

The Episodes

#1 The Premier
#2 Resid-Ant Evil: Revisited
#3 Public Service Announcement
#4 Mailbag
#5 Richter 2: Incognito
#6 Predator and Prey: A Love Story
#6 1/2 Predator and Prey: Part Two
#7 Richter 2: Beach Blanket Bungle
#8 The Animal Bothering Show!
#9 Not So Civil Service
#10 The Many Failures of Loree or Hell Hath No Fury like a Squirrel Scorned
#11 Breaking in the New Guys
#12 Road Trippin'!
#13 The Nemeses of My Nemeses is My Nemeses

The setting and characters of "The Class Menagerie" are copyrighted by Vince Suzukawa. You should go there to see Richter-3 in action. All other characters contained in here (Richter-2) are MINE. All MINE. Except those that aren't. Like Loxley's.