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Eugenio Cruz Vargas (Chile)

Author of two poetry books ("Cielo" and "La unica vez que miento") Eugenio Cruz Vargas (b.1923) "approached painting as a self". He likes Chilean country life, the trees, the sea, the mountains in quiet light and renders them most skilfully and sensitively. Magnanimous Latin American spirit of silent poetry radiates from his paintings and tells us about this nice sterile mountainous  land scorched by sun. Classical combination of yellow, red and brown characteristic for his painting and for Chilean nature itself. I hope you admire these romantic landscapes done by so talented artist.
Dunas de Santo Domingo (61x39cm)
Cajón del Maipo - Cordillera (47x33cm)
Afluente del Maipo (50x40cm)
Cordillera de la Costa - Bucalemu (66x55cm)
Parque de Olmos (50x40cm)
Precordillera de los Andes (120x80cm)
Lomas en Curepto
Eucaliptus de Llipimavida (62x50cm)

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