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This is my Fire Fighting Page

UT CETERI VIVANT "So That Others May Live" Fire Fighters Prayer

Boston Fire Department Accapella Quartet
Supports The Boston Firemans Relief Fund

Unofficial Historian of the Boston Fire Department

1st Honorary Member Boston Fire Historical Society

(Boston Fire Radio Call A-65)

Member of The Boston L. E. P. C.

The Boston Fire Department

Group Schedules 1998 To 2009

Monthly Group Schedule

Table of Organization

Station Locations

Apparatus In Service

Boston Fire Response Patterns

Boston Haz-Mat Response Patterns

Radio Call Letters

BFD Box Location Lookup List

Boston Box System

Box Mapping Program from Terry Earls

Incident Type Codes

Ignition Factor Codes

Unit Responses 1998-2010

Boston Multiple Alarm Records for 2014

Boston Working Fire/Multiple Alarm Records for 1980-2013/span>

Annual Incident Summaries From 1900 To 2013:p>

Boston Fire Radio Live Broadcasts from

Boston Firegear

(Note) They donate a portion of their inome to fire related charities

Hub Emergency Photos A very interesting site

Mass Fire Trucks A Great Resource For Fire Apparatus Listings

Former Captain Boston Fire Department Auxiliary

Member Board of Directors Tapper Club of Boston

Member International Fire Buffs Associates

Member Connectitcut Fire Photographers Association

Life Member Box 174 Associates

Member Boston Radio System Car 65 (now Fire Radio System Car 65, Freq 464.900 PL 151.4)

Dispatcher East Coast Paging (Dispatcher 22)

This is a commercial site
but it has a wealth of information about
central station alarms systems and many
other unrelated fire subjects

This is a link to The Official Metrofire Page
(Metrofire is a group of 35 Cities and Towns bordering on Boston)

This is a link to a very unusual site in Wales
(Fire Fighters are the same everywhere)

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