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MydNyte's Shoppe

Within these pages you will find various items of my own personal creation that I have been making and selling for over 20 years now. Most items are hand made and all are custom works. Many of the items are gothic or dark in nature whilst others are of a vintage-y flare. Please feel free to look around. Hope you find many interesting things you wish to add to your collections or share with others.

~*~ GypsyMoon ~*~
jewelry, hair accessories, gift boxes, writing journals / memory books, trinket boxes, handbags, small coffins, pentacle wallhangings, mina scarves

~*~ ShadowInk ~*~
address labels, stationery, contact cards, envelopes, shipping labels, business cards, mini labels, swap cards, sets, cards w' envelopes [birthnight - holidays - etc], quote stickers, labels for FBs & decos

~*~ VintageRaven ~*~
jewelry, hair clips, gift boxes, writing journals / memory books , trinket boxes, handbags, mina scarves ... dreamcatchers ... business / writing / swapping supplies

Any questions or anything please feel free to contact me.

All items within GypsyMoon, ShadowInk, VintageRaven are created, owned and copyrighted by Raven LizzBet, 1990 - 2010.
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