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Hit Hard. Hit Fast. Train Like You Mean It.

"Fact is based on principle, principle is illustrated by fact. Both work together like eyes and feet." - Master Fayan, Zen Essence

Complete 3 volume series $89.95

Chinese Dragon Kempo is a seven volume system of self-defense designed to give students hard-hitting and effective self-defense skills quickly and efficiently. The system is unique because it is designed for those students who do not have training partners. Students train and test with a target dummy so they can strike the targets and practice the techniques at full speed and full strength.  

A simple philosophy and a fundamental mission lie at the core of Chinese Dragon Kempo. To be an effective self-defense style, a student must learn to defend himself successfully in the shortest time possible.  

Chinese Dragon Kempo accomplishes this mission by adhering to five teaching principles:

  1. Teach the fundamental targets - the vital areas that, when struck, will stop or substantially slow an attack

  2. Teach the fundamental weapons - kicks and hand strikes - and how to use them against the opponent's targets

  3. Emphasize simple counter-attacks over the complex

  4. Apply similar counter-attacks in multiple situations

  5. Train and test with a target dummy using all the force and aggression possible (see still photos of techniques in action or view clips from the series)

The system teaches defenses against most common attacks including: punches, kicks, wrist grabs, chokes and multiple attackers. Each counter-attack is explained slowly from four angles. Next, the defense is demonstrated against the target dummy at full speed from two angles. In addition, both sides (a right hand attack, then a left hand attack) are included in the lesson. Testing procedures can be reviewed in this section.

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