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Welcome aboard the USS Vengeance, a Nebula class ship the USS Vengeance was put into commission in February 2001. The USS Vengeance has just recieved orders it is to make haste to Deep Space 12 immidiately the Dominion are believed to have made an attack on the Station. This means many things but most of all it means the Dominion are back, not believed to be under the founders anymore the leader is unknown. The USS Vengeance is to protect Deep Space 12 through this initial attack and then to setup there to protect Deep Space 12 and the nearby planet Inthra which is believed to be rich in precious Ores the Breen use. Join the crew of the Vengeance today and help fend off the Dominion once again. We will succeed if we stand together, Peace be the journey.

  The USS Vengeance is a Member Sim of Galactic Trek Simulations.

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