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On Patriotism

The Greatest Generation



This weekend I went to see Pearl Harbor. I don't care how much the critics panned it, I LOVED it! The cinematography and special effects were awesome! Okay, it was 3 hours long and the bombing of the harbor seemed to be a bit long, but so did the sinking of the ship in Titanic, so I was prepared. The love story was very sweet and of course I cried at the end, but I was also crying as I was watching the bombing and all of those young men being killed.

I posed this question to a good friend yesterday and I'll ask it again here: Do you think that our young men and women would be as brave today? I'm not talking about a war like Vietnam, but one where our shores would be in danger. I say yes! I have 5 nephews in the age range for being drafted and I'd hate to see them go to war, but I think that they would rise to the occasion. I guess that the movie made me think a little bit too much.


Hello, MsJ!!!!

How are ya'????? I haven't seen that movie, but I DID wonder about this exact same thing. I think that there are many young men and women who would bravely fight, but I also think that the percentage of young people objecting would be much higher now.


My 2 cents...

I think that as human beings we are remarkable in the face of adversity. I have never heard of a calamity or crisis that people didn't rise to an exempary level. So often I say and I hear others say "I could never do that" but when it comes down to it, we each do manage it, no matter the size of the obsticle. So I truely believe that in the face of a real threat to our freedoms, that are only taken for granted during a passive period, we would fight and fight hard and bravely and to our deaths. The only difference I see now,is that women, brave strong women would be fighting RIGHT next to the men!

Any war for our country and /or our freedoms would be air attack tho, no longer would we fight ground wars. And we all know that is nuclear became involved then that is NOT war, it is just over.

But as I said, in a situation where we stood to really loose all that we have, I believe in our youth, our Armed Forces and in an American (meaning US) group mentality that would prevail as well as the other generations.


I agree with both of you

I was speaking about wars abroad, not the event of someone attacking American soil. After the Korean, Vietnam, and the Gulf War conflicts, Americans are much more reticent to get involved for such a high price. I do agree, tho, that an attack on us like Pearl Harbor would wake up the sleeping tiger just like it did before.

Times have changed, technology has changed, generations have changed since Pearl Harbor. God only knows what a war of today would be like. I hope we never find out. As for the movie: personally, I'm not interested in movies which romanticize war, and I never have been. Realism, yes, romanticism, no.