The NoŽl Family of Brockton, MA

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It is with deep sadness that I post the death of my father, Joseph Russell Noel, Jr. on December 23, 2004. He had fought off cancer and the effects of his treatments for the same for 4 1/2 years. He was 70 years old. Dad was my shield against anything bad or hurtful in this world--and the world seems to be a little less friendly place without him and his laughter in it.

Welcome to my website!! My name is Jolynn Noel Winland. I am researching my Noel ancestors, who ended up in Brockton, Mass. after originating in France and immigrating--first to Quebec, Canada, then to the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts. Brockton is located in Plymouth County--the same county that the famous rock rests in.
Brockton seems to have always been a city rich in different cultures. In browsing the various census years one can find almost any ethnic group somewhere in the city; pockets of French Canadians, Irish, Italian, Swedish; Lithuanian and Yiddish speaking Russians; Poles, Greeks, Syrians, Scottish--all living in their own neighborhoods. One enumeration district was almost entirely Russian in the 1910 census! What an interesting place it must have been to grow up in, especially early in the century!
For more on all things Brockton, check out Brockton Mass Genealogy. An excellent site with lots of pictures and information, both historical and current on the "City of Champions".

I cannot stress enough that all of the information on these pages is to the best of my knowledge or as good as the records that I have. The only things I know for certain is the information on my immediate family--myself and my parents. If you find anything that is in error, please let me know and I will be more than happy to correct it.

My research is an ongoing thing--and like all ongoing things, it grows and changes. What started out as simply a general "Who am I and where did I come from--really?" project has turned into a passion for learning about the people, the places and the customs of my families of origin--and sharing that knowledge with others. If this website helps even one person break down that brick wall, find that elusive ancestor, or spur them to begin the search for their roots, then it will be worth the effort I've put into it. And this is just my father's side of the family!

To navigate this website, give the list of links at the bottom of the page a look. While the surname links take you to a page with information for that family, the other pages have the following information:

"The Origin of the NoŽl Name" is pretty self-explanatory.

The "Filles ŗ Marier-Filles du Roi" page gives an overview of those brave French women who crossed the pond to settle Canada--many of whom are our ancestors.

"The First NoŽl's" has information on the of children of FranÁois NoŽl & Nicole Legrand and a little info about life in the colonies.

"The Nomadic NoŽls" gives some detail about the family's life after settling in the U.S.

"Sources-The Fabric of Our Research" deals with my sources--nothing goes on this website without having a good, reliable source.

"Our Family Mysteries" are just a few knotty problems I could use help solving.

"A Tribute to Joseph Russell Noel, Jr." are the eulogies my brother and I gave at my father's memorial service.

Again, please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to access these links.

I welcome information from other family members or researchers, provided that the source of the information is included, and you will always be given credit as the one providing such. If you have your own family history website, feel free to link to any relevant page on this site; this information is to help anyone's research. I also protect the contact info of my sources and do not share it with others without asking permission first.

I try to be discreet when posting details about folks who may still be alive. Unless it is known for sure that they are not living, I try not to post information for people who are less than 100 years old. If you have a question about one of my potentially living relatives, please e-mail me and I'll be happy to help you.

And if you're curious about the person behind these pages (is she obsessed, insane, or just have way too much time on her hands?), check out the "A Little About Me" page.

The flowers on this page are in honor of my Nanny, Isabelle Mary Gibbons Noel. Lavender was her favorite color.

The thoughts and prayers of myself and my family are with the nation and the families affected by the World Trade Center tragedy. I am angry and saddened by the loss of life and the destruction to our homeland.
This family has a history in emergency service--my uncle John Noel was a police officer in Brockton, Mass; my uncle Jim Noel was a professional firefighter in Beverly, Mass; both are since retired and are great sources of pride to us. I am a past dispatcher for the 911 centers in St. Marys, WV, Wood County, WV and Lake Worth Police Dept. in Lake Worth, FL. Some of our Noel ancestors also founded the Gale Hose Company in Williamstown, MA; the precursor to that city's current fire department. My heart, as I am sure both of my uncles', aches for those rescuers who fearlessly rushed to help, thinking only of the lives of the injured. May God bless them all. This message will forever remain on this page so that we will never forget that no one is immune from the disease of terrorism and that those who choose that way of life should never be allowed to go unpunished. Jolynn

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Origin of the Noel Name
Filles ŗ Marier - Filles du Roi
The First Noels-From France to Canada
The Nomadic NoŽls
Sources - The Fabric of Our Research
Help Us Solve Our Family Mysteries!
Tribute to Joseph Russell Noel, Jr.
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Champoux - Provencher
Cloutier - Guyon
Gibbons - Henry - Ryan
Goulet - Julien - Trudel
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