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Introduction to Mythology and Folk Lore

Created for educational purposes as well as entertainment and enlightenment

This Web site is Child Safe

What we have attempted to do on this web site is what the elders of each Nation have done throughout the centuries.   A collection of various stories from as many countries as we could find in libraries, from old books and yes, from new ones as well. We searched the archives of countries, museums and art collections.  People have sent us stories from many places about their own home country's myths and folklore.

What is a myth?  Myths are stories of the gods and of godlike heroes. They tell of the beginning of our earth and our creation, of life and death, and destruction.  They explain  the how and the why of life.

We use the word fable (from the Greek word muthus meaning myth.). A fable is a story given to recreate what mankind has always thought to be the creation of our world. The core of a fable is truth, as is the core of a myth

The Ancient Greek, Egyptians, Chinese and many more gave us such a colourful background and most of our present day belief systems date back to those Myths.

Each "tribe" keeping their secret stories, for disclosure would mean the end of the world. One person's myth is someone else's religious belief system. We must therefore honour all the stories handed down to us throughout history for much has been lost.

If when perusing these pages you find a story that you know and is missing, we would be delighted if you will help us regain lost history and place the story on this site. You will find our e-mail buttons on the index page of this site.

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Research Sources:

  • LaRousse Encyclopedia
  • Illustrated book of Myths
  • National Geographic
  • Bullfinches Mythology
  • Greek Mythology
  • Celtic Inspirational writings
  • Many other books from the Library
  • Our own collection from South America
  • The Greek Gods
  • The Collection of Egyptian Mythology


NOTE:Disclaimer : Should any story be involved in copyright, and not allowed here, we will immediately remove it, upon proper notification! Since the source of our stories is not always known we have attempted to avoid breaking the copyright law. However we believe that every man, woman and child has the RIGHT to read them as well as the privilege.