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Things I have done


Exhaust system replaced, Pair of new custom headers, 2 1/4" pipes, and dual 3-chamber Flow masters.

Had the frame Steel plated.

Rebuilt front end( Tie rod, ball joints, idler arm, control arms, alignment).

New tires

Made Parking Brake usable again.

Replaced Shocks and converted rear end to air

Installed a pair of $10 speakers and a radio out of my fathers old TR6. It's pretty bad but now we have TUNES!
UPDATE!!!! Old Radio replaced with a new look-alike mustang radio. 80W Kenwood two-way speakers in the doors. 10" 1000W subwoofer setup in rear deck with a 350W amp.

Sad day. Roxanne has blown her engine and it got rebuilt... 3 or 4 times. BTW Ray's Machine shop sucks.

Backed over my little brothers bike. New valance with dual exhaust ports fixed the damage

Replaced Brake master cylinder. Now we can stop at lights and signs.

New trannie mount, no more humping at shifts.

Painted NASA hood Flat Black and then decided to change to silver

Added rear and front spoilers, rear was painted silver, front is in works

Rebuild door hinges. Now the door will open without having to use shoulders/feet.

Rebuild and Re-dyed some seatbelts. Now have the original 3-point setup up front and 2-point out back.

Engine making funny noises, Luckily only the alternator.

Rigged up my Dixie horn with the Wana-be nitro switch.

New grill, polished all chrome and restored pony.

Interior completely redone in black and silver Pictures of the Interior Renovations are uploaded.

New fuel system, Tank, pump, lines, sender

Got a original carb

New battery, starter, starter wire, ground cable.

Was backing out of the garage and didn't notice the extension cable wrapped around my antenna. Needless to say that was replaced also.

Tis about it, but it will grow!