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The Nations of Modern Europe

This page displays all of the nations of the Modern European History Website. Links for each nations own page are located in the far left column. Each countries own website(official site, if the country has one), is listed in the "website" column. Clicking on the flags will bring you to a map of that country.

If you know of a website for any nation that does not have one listed, please e-mail the webmaster.


nations map website population capital area sq./mile density ethnic groups languages religions gov/type troops currency UN EU NATO
Albania Click for map! Republic of Albania 3,364,571 Tirane 11,100 303 Albanians, Gegs, Tosks Albanian Tosk, Greek Muslim, Albanian Orthodox, RC Republic 54,000 Lek X    
Andorra Click for map! Principality of Andorra 65,939 Andorra la Vella 170 388 Spanish, Andorran, French Catalan, French, Castillian RC Parliamentary co-principality 0 See France and Spain X    
Armenia Click for map! Republic of Armenia 3,409,234 Yeravan 11,500 296 Armenian, Azeri, Russina, Kurd Armenian Armenian Orthodox Republic 60,000 Dram X    
Austria Click for map! Republic of Austria 8,139,299 Vienna 32,378 251 German, Craoatina, Slovene German RC, Protestant Parliamentary democracy 45,500 Schilling X X  
Azberaijan Click for map! Azerbaijan 7,908,224 Baku 34,400 237 Azeri, Dagestani, Russian, Armenian Azeri, Russian, Armenian Muslim, Orthodox Republic 66,700 Manat X    
Belarus Click for map! Belarus 10,401,784 Minsk 80,200 130 Byelorussian, Russian, Polish Byelorussian, Russian, Eastern Orthodox Republic 81,800 Ruble X    
Belgium Click for map! Kingdom of Belgium 10,182,034 Brussels 11,800 863 Fleming, Walloon Flemish (Dutch), French, German RC, Protestant Parliamentary democracy 44,500 Franc X X X
Bosnia and Herzegovina Click for map! Republic of
Bosnia and
3,482,495 Sarajevo 19,781 176 Serb, Muslim, Croat Serbo-Croatian Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic Republic 40,000 Conv Mark X    
Bulgaria Click for map! Republic of
8,194,772 Sofia 42,800 191 Bulgarian, Turk Bulgarian, Turkish Bulgarian Orthodox, Muslim Republic 101,500 Lev X    
Republic of
Click for map! Republic of Croatia 4,676,865 Zagreb 28,829 214 Croat, Serb Serbo-Croatian Catholic, Orthodox Parliamentary democracy 58,000 Kuna X    
Cyprus Click for map! Republic of
754,064 Nicosia 3,600 209 Greek, Turkish Greek, Turkish, English Greek Orthodox, Muslim Republic 10,000 pound X    
Czech Republic Click for map! Czech Republic 10,280,513 Prague 30,387 338 Czech, Slovak Czech, Slovak Atheist, RC, Protestant, Orthodox Republic 61,700 Koruna X   X
Denmark Click for map! Kingdom of Denmark 5,356,845 Copenhagen 16,639 322 Scandinavian, Eskimo, Faroese, German Danish, Faroese Evangelical Lutheran Constitutional monarchy 32,900 Danish Krone X X X
Estonia Click for map! Republic of Estonia 1,408,523 Tallinn 17,462 81 Estonian, Russian Estonian, Russian Evangelical Lutheran Republic 3,500 Kroon X    
Finland Click for map! Republic of Finland 5,158,372 Helsinki 130,100 40 Finn, Swede Finnish, Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Constitutional republic 31,000 Markka X X  
France Click for map! French Republic 58,978,172 Paris 211,200 279 Celtic, Latin, Teutonic, Slavic, North African, Indochinese, Basque French RC Republic 380,800 Franc X X X
Georgia Click for map! Republic of Georgia 5,066,499 Tbilisi 26,900 188 Georgian, Armenian, Russian Georgian, Russian Georgian Orthodox, Muslim, Russian Orthodox Republic 33,200 Lavi X    
Germany Click for map! Federal Republic
of Germany
82,087,361 Berlin 137,800 596 German, Turkish German Protestant, RC Federal republic 347,100 Mark X X X
Greece Click for map! Hellenic Republic 10,707,135 Athens 50,900 210 Greek Greek, English, French Greek Orthodox Parliamentary republic 162,300 Drachma X X X
Hungary Click for map! Republic of Hungary 10,186,372 Budapest 35,900 284 Hungarian, Gypsy, German Magyar RC, Calvinist, Lutheran Parliamentary democracy 49,100 Forint X   X
Iceland Click for map! Republic of Iceland 272,512 Reykjavik 40,000 7 Norwegian, Celts Islenska Evangelical Lutheran Constitutional republic 0 Krona X   X
Ireland Click for map! Republic of Ireland 3,632,944 Dublin 27,100 134 Celtic, English English, Gaelic RC, Anglican Parliamentary republic 12,700 Punt X X  
Italy Click for map! Italian Republic 55,735,130 Rome 116,300 488 Italian, German, French, Slovene Italian, German, French, Slovene RC Republic 325,000 Lira X X X
Latvia Click for map! Republic of Latvia 2,353,874 Riga 24,700 95 Latvian, Russian Lettish, Lithuanian, Russian Lutheran, RC, Russian Orthodox Republic 4,500 Lat X    
Liechtenstein Click for map! Principality of
32,057 Vaduz 60 534 Alemannic German, Alemannic RC, Protestant Heriditary constitutional monarchy 0 Franc X    
Lithuania Click for map! Republic of Lithuania 3,584,966 Vilnius 25,200 142 Lithuanian, Russian, Polish Lithuanian, Polish, Russian RC Republic 5,300 Litas X    
Luxembourg Click for map! Grand Duchy of
429,080 Luxembourg 998 430 French, German French, German, Luxembourgian, English RC Constitutional monarchy 800 Luxembourg Franc X X X
Macedonia Click for map! Former
Yugoslav Republic
of Macedonia
2,022,604 Skopje 9,781 207 Macedonian, Albanian Macedonian, Albanian, Serbo-Croatian Eastern Orthodox, Muslim Republic 15,400 Denar X    
Malta Click for map! Republic of Malta 381,603 Valletta 120 3180 Maltese Maltese, English RC Parliamentary democracy 2,000 Lira X    
Moldova Click for map! Republic of Moldova 4,460,838 Chisinau 13,000 343 Moldovan/Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian Moldovan, Russian Eastern Orthodox Republic 11,000 Leu X    
Monaco Click for map! Principality of Monaco 32,149 Monaco 0.75 42,865 French, Italian, Monagasque French, English, Italian RC Constitutional monarchy 0 French Franc X    
Netherlands Click for map! Kingdom of
the Netherlands
15,807,641 Amsterdam 16,033 986 Dutch Dutch RC, Protestant Parliamentary democracy 57,200 Guilder X X X
Norway Click for map! Kingdom of Norway 4,438,547 Oslo 125,200 35 Nordic, Alpine, Baltic, Lapp Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Heriditary constitutional monarchy 33,600 Krone X   X
Poland Click for map! Republic of Poland 38,608,929 Warsaw 120,700 320 Polish Polish RC Republic 241,800 Zloty X   X
Portugal Click for map! Portuguese Republic 9,918,040 Lisbon 35,672 278 Mediterranean, African Portuguese RC Republic 59,300 Escudo X X X
Romania Click for map! Romania 22,334,312 Bucharest 91,700 244 Romanian, Hungarian Romanian, Hungarian, German Romanian Orthodox, RC, Protestant Republic 227,000 Leu X    
Russia Click for map! Russian Federation 146,393,569 Moscow 6,592,800 22 Russian, Tatar Russian Russian Orthodox, Muslim Federal republic 1,240,000 Ruble X    
San Marino Click for map! Most Serene
Republic of
San Marino
25,061 San Marino 20 1253 Sammarinese Italian RC Republic 0 Italian Lira X    
Slovakia Click for map! Slovak Republic 5,396,193 Bratislava 18,859 286 Slovak, Hungarian Slovak, Hungarian RC, Protestant Republic 41,200 Koruna X    
Slovenia Click for map! Republic of Slovenia 1,970,570 Ljubljana 7,821 252 Slovene, Croat Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian RC Republic 9,600 Tolar X    
Spain Click for map! Kingdom of Spain 39,167,744 Madrid 194,880 201 Mediterranean, Nordic Castillian Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque RC Constitutional monarchy 197,500 Peseta X X X
Sweden Click for map! Kingdom of Sweden 8,911,296 Stockholm 173,732 51 Swedish, Finnish Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Constitutional monarchy 53,400 Krona X X  
Switzerland Click for map! Swiss Confederation 7,275,467 Bern 15,900 458 German, French, Italian, Romansch German, French, Italian, Romansch RC, Protestant Federal republic 26,300 Franc      
Turkey Click for map! Republic of Turkey 65,599,206 Ankaara 301,400 218 Turk, Kurd Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic Muslim Republic 639,000 Lira X   X
Ukraine Click for map! Ukraine 49,811,174 Kiev 233,100 214 Ukrainian, Russian Ukrainian, Russian Ukrainian Orthodox, Ukrainian Catholic Constitutional republic 387,400 Hryvnya X    
United Kingdom Click for map! United Kingdon of
of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland
59,113,439 London 94,500 626 English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Ulster, West Indian, Pakistani English, Welsh, Scottish, Gaelic Anglican, RC, Constitutional monarchy 213,800 Pound X   X
Vatican City Click for map! The Holy See 860 Vatican City 108.7acres N/A Italian, Swiss Italian, Latin RC   0 Lira      
Yugoslavia Click for map! Federal Republic
of Yugoslavia
11,206,847 Belgrade 39,500 284 Serbian, Albanian, Montenegrin Serbo-Croatian, Albanian Orthodox, Muslim, Roman Catholic Republic 114,200 New Dinar

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