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In the wake of the recent shooting tragedies, I have redesigned these pages to give you a site that is better suited to help you defend our Second Amendment rights. Many of the old features are available, a few are not. I urge you to take a look below at the section titled "ORGANIZATIONS THAT HELP US TO DEFEND OUR GUN RIGHTS".

I also urge you to browse through some of the stories that make up this site. Some are real, some made up, all worth reading. Thanks for visiting!


If you enjoy hunting, target shooting, gun collecting, or any other form of the shooting sports then I pray...that you have joined one of the many different organizations that help us to protect our rights as stated in the US CONSTITUTION. If you have not joined or supported one of the many organizations, please follow my link to a list of those groups who help us fight to retain our rights. Every day that we let those in power whittle away at our rights, is another day that we become an unarmed society with no means to protect ourselves, no means to hunt and enjoy a great heritage of ours, and no way to remind the politicians that they are there to work for us, not their own personal agenda! If you know of any other group or organization that is helping us to defend our rights, please send me their web address and I will include them in a future update of my pages.

Well, we all know that firearm safety is of the upmost importance to all who participate in this wonderful sport of ours. In the June 2001 issue of HANDGUNS (a publication of emap-usa), they had a page that had a list of the "TEN COMMANDMENTS OF GUN SAFETY". I have reprinted those commandments here for you! Please use them every time you are enjoying our shooting sports.

I'm inviting you to , a members-only shopping site where you can save big with exclusive deals on the gear you want and need, membership is free! Dvor has products in categories like Outdoors, Sports & Hobbies, Electronics, Apparel & Accessories and more. Rifle and spotting scopes, binoculars, tactical vests, flashlights, boots and gloves, TVs, GPS, sunglasses, gun safes, range finders, metal detectors and many other items are available at reduced pricing. Use the link in this message for instant access, no need to wait for approval!

This is a true account of gun confiscation, it happend in the area in and around where I currently live. Many people were shot and killed by government troops while standing up for their rights. This took place many years before I was born, but if I were alive at that time, I can guarantee that I would have been one of those who opposed the Governor!

Governor Orders Gun Confiscation
by Jim Gozzo

A friend of mine from the Go Go Varmint Go Forum wrote this piece. It is about a way of life that some have forgotten ...... but most importantly, that many still remember! Lets keep memories like this one alive as we make new memories to pass on to the generations that will come after us.

A Way of Life
by Peter Hauer

Here is a story I got from somewhere on the net. It is a story that we all hope will never ever happen.

Sundown at Coffin Rock
by Raymond K. Paden

Another story about the Second Amendment. This one I found on the webpages of the BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE. This one is well worth the effort to pass it on to your friends and to those who make the laws!

We don't need no steenking 2nd Amendment!
by John Silveira

Are you a bad American? I know I am, but if you are uncertain about yourself, then click here to find out!

Are you a bad American?

A friend of mine at the Go Go Varmint Go Forum wrote this piece to remind us that we are losing our war heros and to give them our heart felt thanks for their sacrifices before they report to the ultimate roll call.


A Christmas tribute to all of our men and women of the armed services who are fighting for freedoms around the world!


A Christmas story to help us remember our troops who protect us and our freedoms every day of the year!


Here is a tribute dedicated to all who served in our Navy, whether it be peace time or war. If you know of a simular tribute to the other branches of the military, please forward it to me and I will gladly add it to my site!


Another tribute to those who fought for our freedoms! I found a site that has a condensed version of this poem and they gave credit to a Father Dennis Edward O'Brien. No date was given, but if any one knows when it was written, please forward the info to me.


I am not sure where or when this was written but for those who love our country and would give the ultimate sacrifice to defend Her, this poem is very dear to their patriotic heart.


Every once in a while I hear about a situation that took place in a Houston, TX warehouse. When I first read the article it had me riveted and excited about learning how to shoot and reload more accurately. If you need any kind of insperation, or have heard about Houston and want to read what it is all about, just follow this link and read the article for yourself!

Secrets of the Houston Warehouse
by Dave Scott

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The last update of my pages was.... January 14, 2013.

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