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Antarctic Lingo

Bag Drag
This refers to bringing your bags to the MCC or Movement Control Center at McMurdo to "Check In" for your flight to South Pole or Field Camp or back to Christchurch.

The term for scientists here at the station

Boomerang The act of having a flight from Christchurch to McMurdo get turned around back to Christchurch due to weather or another problem

If a flight is too "heavy" or has too many people manifested, passengers are "bumped" off from flight

Bunny Boots
The bright white rubber boots that are issued as part of extreme cold weather gear

Refers to a cold or flu that often affects many at McMurdo

Daisy Picking
A couple of times a year the station goes outside to "pick" any trash and loose garbage around the station DV Distinguished Visitor such as a congressman or generals visiting the station

ECW gear
Extreme Cold Weather gear- The cloths for survival in Antarctica. It is about 35 pounds for a typical issue. Parka, wind pants, Polar fleece bibs and jacket, 2 pairs cotton long underwear, 6 pairs of heavy wool socks, 1 pair of "bunny" boots, 1 pair of goggles, 2 pairs mittens, 2 pairs of gloves, Yahzoo cap, knit hat, wind breaker jacket, and water bottle.

A term for fresh fruits and vegetables, when they are flown in from New Zealand

Happy Camper School
A slang term for snow school or snowcraft school. This is a class that teaches survival skills in the snow. It lasts 2 days and 1 night

The term for a storm, wind and snow blows from the south toward McMurdo

Hollywood Shower
A term for showering back home - here in Antarctica for many years you were required to take Navy 2 minute showers. Thus it seems luxurious to have what you might consider a normal shower.

A term for a New Zealander

Mac Town(or The Rock)
Alternative terms for McMurdo Station

A list of passengers to be flying on a plane

Medical Evacuation. If anyone ever gets seriously hurt and cannot be treated on the station, they are "medevac'ed"

Personally Qualified. A term for those who pass their medical exams to come to Antarctica (also known as medically cleared)

Point of Safe Return (like boomerang)

Weather Guesser
A term for Meteorologist