Hey, what's up?! This is the webmistress for Keith's page. Guess yall need to know a little about me. I'm 18 years old, trying to get into a nearby college. The reason I waited to go to school so long was because I went to military, and got diagnosed with diabetes while down there. Anyway, I plan to do a double major: youth ministry and elementary education. I eventually want to leave Louisiana and move to Texas to go to East Texas Baptist University. I plan to learn the guitar (as soon as my boyfriend has time to help me out), and I work with kids at the church I go to, but starting this summer, I will be working with the youth group. Well, any other questions, suggestions, etc, please e-mail me at cestep2000@aol.com or cestep2000@hotmail.com. Later. PS- The above picture is almost a year old. Forgve me for not having any newer ones!

Email: cestep2000@hotmail.com