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Profiles Sections

Keith "Bott" Alexis
Terri (wife); Chanda, Jamin (kidz)
Bryan's age squared divided by my dad's age, times pi, minus 4.
Position (in band):
fix broke junk
fave food:
Mexican, seafood steak
fave childhood toy:
"You'll get over it."
Magic Time Machine in Dallas Texas
sport (to watch and play):
"I like to watch extreme sports and like to play basketball."
movie line:
"Help there's a peck here with a acorn pointed at me!"
song by TMJ:
the next one
song by any band:
changes every day
place to play:
on a big stage
time of day:
3:31 p.m.
day of the week:
thing to do on a nice day:
Rock, rock, rock
Bible verse:
Joshua 1:5
Bible story:
1 Samuel 14, Jonathon and his armor bearer
What did you want to be when you grew up (as a child):
a father
What did your momma tell you growing up?
"I wish y'all loved each other."
Did you ever dream of being in a band?
Yes all the time.
Why bass?
"It's the instrument that cool people play."
most embarrassing moment on and off stage:
falling with my bass on, falling with my bass on.
most awesome gig:
Fusion 2000
when did TMJ meet and form:
"I met Bryan the day he was born. I was Don's youth pastor and helped him get his start. The he sucked me into this thing with him and God worked the rest out."
any speedig tickets:
not at this moment
what is the one thing you carry with you no matter what?
My love for God, my wife and kids.