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On this page are the reasons I think Michael is Better Than Chip,along with another pic of a Michael with an 80's haircut.I Think Most Of You Will Agree And IF you Don't Then E-mail me and Give Me A Disagreement Or Better Suggestion.I will updat this section with different top 10 topics in the future.

10) The Way He Says "Yahoo Chat"

9) He Most Likley Takes More Than 1 Shower a Month

8) He Talks Like A Retarted 4 Year Old Girl

7) He Is'nt Cool Then Turns His Back And Becomes Annoying Bastard

6) Just Look At his Haircut! Chips Hair May Have Been Better, Until He Cut It Like a Little Jerk

5) Just Look At his Haircut!

4) He Probably Wears Shoes That Cost More Than 3$

3) His Best Friend/Worst Enemy Is'nt a 350 Pound 6th Grader

2) His Great Oversized Old Man Glasses

1) Just listen to this backround music. Does Chip have music like this.

Here's another Michael With an 80's Haircut:

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