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The History of the Beverly School For the Deaf

website started january 2000

In Eighteen hundred and seventy-six, three men, William B. Swett, Reverend Dr. Thomas Gallaudet, and William Barley decided that a school for the deaf was needed in the north shore of Massachusetts’s area. It was located in Beverly, Massachusetts, where it was chosen to be built, they chose to name the school “The New England Industrial School for Deaf Mutes”. After much planning for three years, in Eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, on December third the three men bought from a William J. Goldthwait, fifty-seven acres of land on a hill over looking Bass River in Beverly. Over the last one hundred twenty four years, the school has changed greatly. In Nineteen hundred and twenty-two, the name “The New England Industrial School for Deaf Mutes” was changed permanently to the “Beverly School for the Deaf”. Having much personal history with the Deaf School I felt inclined to write my term paper on the topic. Throughout my paper I will discuss the local and historical importance of the “Beverly School for the Deaf.”

“Deaf children are entitled to the same high quality of education that is offered to hearing children!” This firm conviction held by William B. Swett in Eighteen hundred and seventy-six, along with his vision and determination, have now led to “The Beverly School for the Deaf’s” celebration of its centennial year in Nineteen hundred and seventy-six. A full century of work, of change, and of the drive and determination of numerous people have enabled the school to evolve into what it is now today.

These are the first two paragraphs of a term paper that i did for my 11th grade U.S. History class, it is titled (surprize surprize) "The History of The Beverly School for the Deaf, Or The New England Industrial School for Deaf-Mutes." If you would like to read the entire report then click on the link on the bottom of the page where it says "my term paper". For those of you who would like to use the paper in any way for another school paper please dont steal my work, please use this site as a source. I will gladly answer any questions, that I can, that you have to ask.

This web page was a donation of my time to help keep the memory of the school alive, the Deaf School now has a museum, for those who didn't know. It is called the William B. Swett museum, which is located in the Hodge Podge Lodge. In order to completely restore the actual building inside and out they will need donations. I will keep the reader updated, if you would like to donate any amount to the school i will post an address in which to send it to.

Kevin Downer                            
son of George "Bertram" Downer Sr.      
Custodian of 52 years                   

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