Works of Carl Schurz

The Reminiscences of Carl Schurz
Volume Three (1863-1906)

Copyright, 1908, by The McClure Company
Copyright, 1908, by Carl L. Schurz
Copyright, 1907, 1908, by The S. S. McClure Company


List of Illustrations
I Gettysburg 3
II Chattanooga 55
III The Political Campaign of 1864 98
IV The Close of the War 108
V The Situation after the War 140
VI The South 150
VII 1865-1869 210
VIII A Journey to Europe -- Meeting with Bismarck 263
IX The Presidential Election of 1868 -- The Senate 281
X 1869-1870 302

* The extensive 28-page index to Volumes One, Two and Three is omitted here. I have also put an accompanying sketch of the political career of Carl Schurz in a separate directory. The German edition of these reminiscences, published by Georg Reimer in Berlin in 1907, contains two volumes. The first volume of the German edition contains the text of the German manuscript that the first volume of the American edition is based on. (See Carl Schurz's introductory remarks to Chapter I of Volume One of the American edition.) The second volume of the German edition contains the material in Volumes Two and Three of the American edition except it ends with the first paragraph of Chapter X.

Works of Carl Schurz