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Readers Rides: Page 9


Owner=Pat Coffee
Model=VF700F Interceptor
Fiberglass bucket seat with right arm rest. Throttle lock and quick accelerator. Twin 'joysticks' for either hand 'flying'. Amber running lights with 'pucker button' for anti-collision with cages. (the pucker button is a horn button that gives you enough time to say 'Oh Shite' as you frantically press it up and down and look for a place to 'bail out'.)'Budget Bike' cruising pegs. ($2.00 material cost) C4T and I have been down 5 times and when the plastic breaks, I just throw it away.
My handle is Chief TomTom
C4T=Chief Tom Tom's 'tinker toy' horse
OK I know. I am weird but also I am a glorified tinkerer.


Owner=Dale Hazelwood
From=PIedmont, South Carolina
Model=V65 Magna
It is Dark metalic blue and mostly original. The windshield works great but takes some getting used to. I'm the third owner and the bike stays garaged and tarped when not ridden. It has original 21,256 miles with a new rear dunlop K-491 and good dunlop qualifer on front. It has the six-pac rack and engine protector bars with foot pegs. I also had a V-65 parts bike with a new 4-1 chrome Mac hedder.

Heath's Sabre

Owner:Heath Corzette
Home- Chillicothe, MO
Year- 1984
Model- V65 Sabre
She is Black, maroon, and silver with the matching Hondaline fairing. I bought the bike in June of 1999 with 21,000 miles and some moderate carb problems, but still managed to add nearly 7000 miles to the odometer last summer. Although no detectable performance modifications had been made, one of the previous owners had some sort of a saddle bag set up on the her. Therefore my grab bar is missing and the rear fender/tail light cover has been hacked up. Luckily no one tried to do any modification to the tail frame! Dad and I rebuilt the carbs this winter and with the exception of an on going turn signal problem I am up and running for this summer. A new rear skin and a taller replacement windshield will also be added by the end of April. As you can see, she's not very pretty, but we all know how good they run so I don't let her sit still very often. Therefore, the body work and in general beautification will have to wait for a long winter!