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Readers Rides: Page 8

Arnes V45 Magna

Model=V45 Magna
If you look close on my bike you can see how I did an oil-mod, it is a TH style from Mark Douglas in Canada. Other than that I have tried to restore the bike to original. I repainted it and polished all the chrome and aluminum, changed all the fluids, adjust the valves, gone over all electric circuits. I bought the bike in January and I have put at least 200 hours on it, and I have it nearly perfect condition. The bike is imported in to Norway from Florida it has 15000 miles on it. The engine and especially the cam's are in excellent condition. I love the sound and handling off the bike, but I think I am going to buy a new seat next year.

Mike's V65 Magna

Owner=Mike Blow
From=Trenton, Ontario, Canada
My bike is a 1983 V65 Magna. I purchased the Magna last year for approx $350 US and have completely redone it. As you can see it has been freshly painted a nice Chrysler metallic red with black lettering I put on myself. Some of the Modifications are the oil kit from Mark Douglas in Alberta Canada, stainless steel brake and clutch lines, new shocks, and the tail section which is the same was when I received it. It was a mess when I bought it and I put approx 5 weeks into the required detailing, I changed the cams over to V65 Sabre cams, and everything was good there, the only problem I had was three dished rockers which I replaced. The bike has 33,000 kms (20,000 miles) on the speedometer and it runs very well. I have added a 4-1 Kerker and the dynojet kit with a K&N air filter, these two mods were basically bolt on and the bike runs very well. I tried the Mac system, the Hindle system, and finally settled on the Kerker system. The mac didn't fit right, the Hindle looked kinda silly(you can see in the pic), and the Kerker is the newest system. I also replaced the fuel filter with an automotive one as I couldn't see paying $13 for the Honda one, it works fine. I also replaced the tires with Bridgestone Spitfires. All the work with the exception of the paint was done by myself and I found it very rewarding to have the bike start right away after doing the top end work, I used the Haynes manual and found it spot on. As for myself I am 47 years old and a member of the Canadian Military presently based at Trenton, Ontario, Canada. I try to find bikes that are rundown and then I fix them up and try to sell them, I don not do it for profit but only for a hobby. My previous bikes have included a 750 Sabre, Kawasaki ZX-7, Triumphs, Norton, and many, many others. I have to say that the Magna is one of the ones I enjoy the most, mainly due to the liquid cooled motor, I have always found this type of motor to be very reliable and long lasting. For general interest I use Synthetic 15W-50 Mobil or semi-synthetic 10W-40, and have had no problems with clutch slippage.

Willi's SuperMagna

Owner: Willi aka Howard
Location: Sterling, Virginia
Year: 1988
Model: SuperMagna
My 88 has 18,000 miles on it and runs like a charm. These are some customizing Items I have done to my 88 Super Magna. I have added the following Items, Memphis Fats 21" Ruby Red Windshield, JC Whitney windshield trim crome, Cobra Boulevard light bar, Cobra Headlight and spotlight visors, BG turnsignal crome grills, Highway Hawk Radiator crome grill, Jama engine guard, Honda highway pegs, Jardine luggage rack, Highway Hawk fender trim, Emgo custom scrolled mirrors, JC Whitney bag of tunes, Painted Honda emblem on engine case, National cycle windshield bag, Ultra Vista cruise control, Two Chicks custom license plate cover, and I am customizing a Vetter Windjammer to give me another choice of windshields. I have finally got the "Looks" where I want it to be and now will work on communications and other neat electronics.