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Readers Rides: Page 6

John's 84 V65

Owner=John Balthaser
From=Lancaster, Ohio
Model=V65 Magna
Mods include, Cobra F1's, Stage one Dyno Jet with K&N filter, Corbin Seat, OIL MOD.

Bordello On Wheels :)

Owner=Dale Duca
Location: Mentor, Ohio
Year: 1985
Model: V65 Magna
Color: Maroon
Mileage: about 23K
Mileage when bought: 11K
Options: fork brace (TekKraft), engine guards (JC Whitney), backrest (Highway Hawkes), lots of leather fringe, fairing (National Cycle).

I had a V45 when they first came out and loved it. Had to sell when the kids started coming (the family thing). They're older and I found a V65. Love the larger engine and frame (my frame's larger now too!). Unlike a lot of riders, I've never named my bikes, though it has been referred to as a "bordello on wheels" due to all the leather. Still looking for the elusive Hondaline backrest. Ride to and from work (30 mile one way) and hit the Americade rally in Lake George, New York each year.

Larry's V65 Magna

Owner:Lawrence Zoia
From=Michigan Year=1983
Model=V65 Magna
Color=Black w/bat ripping out of gas tank
This is the bike I dropped while making a video reproducing the deceleration wobble phenomenon. It was originally Wineberry in color. When fixing the damage to the bike, I decided to make it black and chrome, a perennial favorite of mine. It came out quite nice. Check out the black wheels. I think it's a good look. The next winter I got cabin fever and succumbed to the craziness that plagues all bikers when there's eight inches of snow on the ground. I saw a picture of a vampire bat on the cover of a paperback novel and had the bat airbrushed onto the tank. It is at the same time cool and hideous. It's something I don't think I'll do again.
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